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Technical Devices

Swivel offers a range of one-time-code delivery methods so you can tailor your authentication solution around your user’s needs, security policies and your budget. All our token and tokenless options are available to use under our standard license. The choice is yours.

Mobile AppSMSTelephonyTokensBrowser
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackberryAll phones with SMSAll telephonesOATH / OCRAWeb /Cloud /VPN /VDI
2FA Compliant
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Mobile App

Our free, secure mobile app enables users to authenticate even when they are not connected to a network.  Our mobile app can be configured in a variety of ways.  In its most user friendly configuration, users can authenticate with one touch.  For greater security the mobile app can be configured to provide one-time-codes, and for an extra level of security it can be used with PINsafe.

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Our SMS solution for one-time-code delivery is simple and easy to use. It can also be configured to use the added security of PINsafe. PINsafe ensures access is not comprised should a phone be lost or stolen, making our SMS solution far superior to others in the market. One-time-codes can be delivered on-demand, automatically after every authentication attempt, or in batches.

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When mobile devices, tablets, and PC’s are prohibited or unavailable, we provide a cost effective physical token based option as part of our authentication platform.

The tokens supported by Swivel are OATH TOTP (Time-based), HOTP (event-based tokens) and OCRA. Our tokens can be configured to be used with or without a PIN.

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Our telephony based solution is extremely user friendly and a great alternative to traditional tokenless delivery solutions. Swivel will call your designated phone. Just press a key to quickly authenticate. This OneTouch operation provides a fast, easy authentication option. 

Our telephony solution can also be configured to use PINsafe for a more robust authentication process.

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Swivel is a leading innovator in image-based, tokenless authentication via web browsers. Web browser authentication provides an effective alternative (or addition) to traditional, vulnerable username & password authentication. We have two image options, PINpad and TURing

It is easy to deploy, easy to use, flexible, and highly scalable.

PINsafe – Additional Security at your fingertips

If you are one of the many organizations who are concerned about the security risks associated with sending one-time-codes via SMS or Mobile app, then rest assured Swivel has you covered.

With the Swivel authentication platform, you get the added benefit of PINsafe.  Our patented technology PINsafe combines the use of a registered PIN with 10 digit security strings to create unique one time codes (OTC) that are sent either by SMS, Mobile app, phone, or web, either on demand or in advance. This puts the user at the heart of the strong multi-factor authentication process.  Since the PIN is never entered as part of the login process the users PIN is always safe. Watch the video here.

The only authentication platform you’ll ever need.