Adaptive Authentication

Risk profiling

Points based system identifies high to low risk access to data

Policy Based Controls

Validation that adapts to the user’s circumstances 

Authentication Factors

Authentication method chosen dynamically based on risk profiling

Regain Control

Fight advanced threats to your data with a tailor made solution

Policy Based Controls

Adapts to the circumstances of the user’s access to a service, through a set of policy rules. We don’t make the rules, you do, so your implementation will be unique to your specific needs and risks.

Regain Control Over Your Data Access

Fight advanced threats to your data with a customised solution

With flexible working practices and BYOD device policies, as well as, an extended virtual parameter come advanced threats to your data security. Looking beyond binary authentication to our award winning adaptive risk based solution allows you to maintain strong data security but not at the expense of usability. 

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Risk Profiling

The policy engine allows you to determine what form of authentication is appropriate for any given user. 

Using a set of rules, and a points system an enterprise is able to allocate the level of security required on a per user, per application basis. 

Two-factor and multi-factor authentication is only demanded when risks dictate this.

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Rules based on:

  • Group Membership Username
  • Time / Date / Day
  • Device O/S
  • Physical Location (GeoIP)
  • Service Being Accessed
  • IP Address
  • Last Authentication
  • X509 Cert
  • Device

The right balance of security vs. user experience - no compromise needed!

Find out more about adaptive authentication and how it can benefit your organisation's data security challenges today.

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Authentication Factors

Swivel Secure offers a wide range of authentication factors so you can tailor your solution around your user’s needs, your unique security policies and your budget. Authenticate even when offline, choose from multiple devices and or even validate with a single touch.

Determine policy controls, and the method of authentication, dependent on the risk status of the user and the user's circumstance of access.

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These include:

  • Username and Password
  • SMS
  • Image (PINpad/TURing)
  • Mobile App.
  • OATH Token
  • Voice

AuthControl Sentry can work with your existing systems, such as Active Directory or a user database. Integrating with your existing on-boarding and off-boarding processes, for creating and deleting accounts. With Swivel Secure as your single point of authentication it is simple to revoke user access across all applications when an employee leaves.

AuthControl Sentry

Unified Sign-on, simplifies administration and your users’ lives, we provide a seamless and unified approach to authentication. All users go through a single authentication portal to access all their remote applications

Unified Sign-on

Our upcoming Single Sign-On product, allows users, once authenticated, to use all remote access services within that session without additional validation.

Single Sign-On

Our Cloud based solution applies our innovative intelligent authentication approach to security and access. All the authentication factors available to on-premise customers, are also available via the Cloud, utilising Mobile Apps, Hardware Tokens, SMS, Voice, and Image-based challenges.

AuthControl Cloud