User Portal

Fast Provisioning

Using QR codes, the User Portal is able to quickly provision a user's mobile app.

Token sync

Quickly and easily fix common Hardware Token issues, without calling a help-desk

PIN Management

Allows a user to change or reset their own PIN, to something personal and memorable

Saves costs and help-desk time

The User Portal supports basic self administration tasks to save on the overhead and maintenance costs of an authentication solution, which would otherwise typically involve a help-desk call.

Self Service

Account management

Allowing users to maintain their own account PIN, and to control when they sign-up for using the mobile app. for access, reduces the help-desk burden and provides a responsive involvement for users when their accounts are provisioned using AuthControl Sentry, or AuthControl Cloud.

Supported Services

The User Portal allows a user to change or reset their own PIN. The PIN number choice is governed by policies controlled by the administrator to prevent obvious or weak PIN selection.

Using the Mobile app provision process, sends an email to the user, containing instructions on where and how to download the Mobile app, and a configuration QR code.


  • Change PIN
  • Reset PIN
  • Hardware Token re-sync
  • Mobile App + QR Code provisioning