Securing On-Site Access

Why don't companies store all their data in the Cloud?

Whilst Cloud services are brilliant for provisioning general purpose applications, many companies keep some corporate data on-site; due to the sensitivity of the data, cost, specialised legacy applications and legislation. By deploying the correct remote access and authentication solutions, many benefits of Cloud can be equally applied to on-premise data.

Keep your Private Cloud private

On-premise data security does not have to be the poor relation…

Swivel is one few security solution providers who have an on-premise solution, allowing you to run your own local instance, or to create a private cloud for your enterprise. Our on-premise solution is available as a virtual appliance, or physical hardware. The ability to run a highly available cluster provides resilience and scale to meet your businesses needs.

Many of the enabling technologies related to the cloud are available as on-premise applications. To gain real productivity benefits, access to data must be available anywhere and at any time.

A range of enabling technologies such as VPN’s, VDI and portal web applications enable remote access, however companies must deploy an appropriate form of authentication if corporate data is to be mobilised and remain secure from both internal and external breaches.

AuthControl Sentry

The Solution

Remote Access

Running local services can often be complex. Having to decide how to give remote and local access, especially where not all applications run within a web browser or are not suitable for hosting directly online. Most published applications run within a web browser, and so whilst a portal login approach may work, many services require a VPN or VDI session, complicating the remote access position.

Location, location, location

Running a service whilst the user is local and on the corporate LAN mitigates and reduces many risks; in this case access using a username and password may be both sufficient and desirable to maximise productivity with minimal disruption for accessing data and services. That same user in an external location, working from home or from a partner site requires a higher level of security and control.

We are not all the same

Giving access to locally hosted applications and cloud services, whist the user is on the LAN, is a fixed requirement for most organisations. The key question is: should users retain access when they leave the office and how can you limit who can access what application or service based on location. This is where risk based authentication, our intelligent solution, becomes invaluable.


Giving access to a varied and complex arrangement of applications and services is a challenge for most businesses. Providing the an SSL-VPN is used, and the applications to integrate with are accessed via a browser, our Unified Sign-on portal will give a single point of access for LAN and Cloud applications.


Our adaptive authentication policy engine allows a fast and hassle free response to service changes or new legislation based requirements. With new legislation changing requirements on location, and mandatory 2FA for a number of services, AuthControl Sentry enable you to quickly respond to changing requirements and rules on data access and authentication procedures.

AuthControl Sentry can work with your existing systems, such as Active Directory or a user database. Integrating with your existing on-boarding and off-boarding processes, for creating and deleting accounts. With Swivel Secure as your single point of authentication it is simple to revoke user access across all applications when an employee leaves.

AuthControl Sentry

With a RISK based policy engine our award winning Adaptive Intelligent authentication solution allow companies to set up dynamic rules so authentication is always appropriate to circumstance of access. Our adaptive platform allows you to deploy a range of authentication methods as and when risks dictate, dependent on both the service to be accessed and the time/location of access.

Adaptive Authentication

Unified Sign-on, simplifies administration and your users’ lives, we provide a seamless and unified approach to authentication. All users go through a single authentication portal to access all their remote applications.

Unified Sign-on

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