Operates between 9-5 GMT daily. Available to customers with a direct contract to Swivel Secure. Customers who have a contract through an accredited Swivel Secure Partner, should contact them directly. If you have purchased Premium Support please get in touch with us directly.


Offers an increased level of coverage for our customers who have an appliance-based installation that is regularly updated and where authentication as a critical business service.

Our premium service gives you direct access to Swivel Secure's expert help-desk anytime assistance is needed for P1 issues, 24 x 7 x 365.


Our Cloud service comes with Premium support cover as standard and customers are entitled to all its benefits.

Contacting support

Please raise a support ticket via your accredited Swivel Secure Partner. For customers with a direct Support contract with Swivel Secure, please raise a ticket using the Support Portal.

Support Knowledgebase

Our Knowledge Base is a publicly accessible support resource. The KB provides answers to many common questions, and support for integrations to 3rd parties.


Contact Support

If you have Premium support, please fill in the support form.

Support Ticket