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Why Choose Swivel Secure?

Trusted and award winning provider of authentication solutions worldwide. We have recently been awarded the 2016 SC Magazine Europe Award for best Multi-Factor Authentication Solution.

We are highly respected in the industry for providing cutting edge, innovative solutions that can be tailored around your business and user needs, your security policies and your budget. Our customer centric approach is at the heart of all of our solutions.

Our solutions go beyond standard two factor authentication to provide an advanced and dynamic adaptive authentication platform that can protect all of your data, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Data breaches are on the increase, and with users apathetic use of weak passwords/password reuse, adding uncompromising security to protect all your business applications is essential. Equally important is the need for this to be both simple to use/manage and unified to drive productivity and strong business growth.


As cloud computing continues to expand and revolutionise business, the need to consider security around cloud applications is paramount.

With the increasing adoption of Cloud based services such as Office 365, Salesforce, Google Apps, and Dropbox, data storage and access boundaries are ever increasing and with this your data security solutions need to protect more and more cloud based applications.

Physical barriers and building security, followed by digital security using firewalls and VPNs, used to be the first line of defence. Cloud services, whilst increasing access and flexibility have extended the network security boundary. This new virtual perimeter must be guarded carefully amidst a changing cloud security landscape.

Swivel Secure has integrations to most major Cloud services, supporting SAML, ADFS or our own API. Combining traditional authentication factors with our Adaptive Authentication we are able to secure your extended virtual perimeter and provide access rules, based on policy settings and an intelligent RISK-based approach.


Web sites and web applications are increasingly being used by enterprises to communicate with their employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Many organisations are changing how they provide access to to on-premise applications and data.  Traditional access via a VPN is gradually giving way to VDI and applications are being directly published.

The most common locally hosted applications that are generally published for remote access include OWA and SharePoint. SAP, Portals, HR and ERP services are also frequently hosted and external access provided.

Swivel Secure works with you in securing those applications. Our tailored solutions help retain the flexibility and productivity gains of direct access to these for your team.

AuthControl Sentry provides integration to many popular services using ADFS, SAML, RADIUS or own API. If your service is running on Microsoft IIS, we have some custom integrations for protecting applications that may not otherwise support additional security such as OWA and RDWeb.


Securing desktop and server access directly or with a VDI deployment.

Swivel Secure supports access to desktops, via VDI, Microsoft Credential Provider and also Microsoft Direct Access.

Access via a VDI solution is generally provided by using RADIUS, however with the increasing adoption of SAML we are seeing changes to how services connect and authenticate. Swivel Secure supports VDI solutions from Microsoft, Citrix and Dell.

AuthControl Sentry supports all our 2FA Authentication Factors across any service, and for Microsoft products the use of Image based factors are also supported.

Swivel Secure provides integration to MS Direct Access and Credential Provider, and we will very soon be launching a new product, specifically designed to complement the Microsoft solution. This will work with their current servers to add 2FA authentication, on-demand, based on location and network status.


Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide secure remote access. This access requires immensely strong authentication.

AuthControl Sentry and AuthControl Cloud support all VPNs on the market using RADIUS or SAML. We have many integrations documented on our KB, with step-by-step instructions for configuration and integration.

We support SSL-VPN and IPsec clients; all our Authentication Factors are supported across all VPNs.

Swivel Secure have implemented a new, easy to use, Unified Sign-On portal; it acts as a connection broker for RADIUS traffic and as an IdP for SAML / ADFS.

All SSL-VPN authentications redirect to the Unified Sign-On portal, the user is then challenged and authenticated before being redirected back to the SSL-VPN page and being automatically authenticated and presented with the SSL-VPN landing page.

This approach enables all our authentication factors to be supported across all VPNS, and provides users with a standardised look and feel for their remote access.

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