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Protecting identities with intelligent authentication

Con la tecnología PINsafe® en el núcleo para la máxima seguridad y la autenticación basada en puntuación por riesgo que proporciona control dinámico, el galardonado AuthControl Sentry® ofrece una plataforma inteligente de autenticación múltiple factor para empresas.

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Protect cloud applications

Ya sea que su arquitectura esté local o basada en la nube, AuthControl Sentry® proporciona la máxima seguridad con la tecnología patentada PINsafe®.


Proteja todas las aplicaciones locales con autenticación multifactor que proporciona una amplia gama de funcionalidades para una mejor implementación.

Intelligent Authentication

Las empresas  más eficientes están utilizando la autenticación basada en puntuacion por riesgo (RBA) para proporcionar una respuesta dinámica a las solicitudes de acceso a las aplicaciones, administrada por un motor de políticas inteligentes.

sign-on (SSO)

Utilizar el inicio de sesión único significa que las empresas pueden garantizar que sus usuarios trabajen de manera eficiente, sin comprometer la seguridad, con la capacidad de autenticarse una vez y acceder a una variedad de aplicaciones.

Protección de sus datos y aplicaciones de amenazas online

Swivel Secure ofrece una de las soluciones de autenticación multifactor más competitivas para organizaciones de todo el mundo. Orgulloso de proteger organizaciones en una variedad de verticales, desde la atención médica y la educación, hasta banca, industria y legal.

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Integraciones AuthControl Sentry®

Autenticación inteligente
para proteger la nube o
arquitectura local

Nuestra galardonada plataforma ha sido diseñada para integrarse con cientos de aplicaciones y software de dispositivos a través de RADIUS, SAML y nuestra propia API patentada: AgentXML.

AuthControl Sentry®

Una amplia gama de factores de autenticación para elegir

La plataforma de autenticación multifactor dinámica
proporciona a los usuarios una amplia gama de autenticadores,
desde una aplicación móvil hasta tokens hardware tradicionales, asegurando una optima integración para toda la organización.

Cómo funciona

Una breve descripción general de AuthControl Sentry® y de la variedad de autenticadores
que incluyen la tecnología patentada PINsafe®.

What our clients say

“We are very happy with the Swivel authentication solution. The implementation process was managed efficiently over a two-day period, with intuitive training that ensured minimum disruption to our users. The whole system has succeeded in meeting the needs of Sanitas for strong and flexible security.”

Mayte Mompean, Technical Consultant, Sanitas

“We have always been pleased with the Swivel authentication solution and the great service and support that we receive from its team. The introduction of support for tokens gave us the flexibility we needed to offer service to our users, even when they had no mobile signal.”

Steve Hodgson, ICT Technical Services Manager, Durham County Council

“We needed to ensure that our workforce was completely connected, wherever they were. There were a number of solutions on the market, but we needed one which would ensure both security and scalability as our needs evolved.”

Donal Higgins, Global Service Desk Manager, Tullow Oil

“We needed to accommodate a broad range of users in terms of their IT capability and the tokenless system really fitted the bill, making it an easy transition to make.”

James Symonds, IT Director, Rawlinson & Hunter

“Ah, Swivel. There’s a product which does what it’s meant to and gives users and IT departments a simple life. If only all products were that good. Swivel support had been more than helpful, even speaking to Netgear to ask for rmware updates for their switches so that we could use them.”

RMT Technology Support Engineer

“The system is straight forward to use and administer and we are now looking forward to rolling it out to the rest of our remote access users in the next few months.”

Paul Newell, ICT Systems Manager, The Sheffield College

“Everyone seems to have accepted the Swivel solution more than our original token system. We have really noticed that the login failure rate has dramatically decreased, and it has generally made life easier for everyone.”

Huw Owen, Senior IT Consultant, Rawlinson & Hunter

“We wanted a proven authentication solution that was simple to use by anyone in the organisation and that we could easily expand in the future in line with the growth of the company. Swivel gave us that and more, without introducing a major cost into the mobile access equation.”

Stephen Slater, RMT Director

“We required a solution that was easy to use, flexible and embraced the use of mobile devices. We chose to implement the Swivel PINpad solution as it not only provided the level of security we required when staff accessed the corporate virtual private network on the move, but it also works seamlessly with the touch screen devices that are popular with many of our employees.”

Dean Kelley, Network Support Analyst, Macfarlanes

“No other company could offer anything remotely similar. The Swivel authentication platform was unique and innovative. For the IT department, it is a secure solution, with low maintenance and support costs. For the end-user it is extremely easy to use and ensures the high levels of security. In addition to providing secure access to our online applications, we can also define different levels of access, adapted to our needs, which is a great benefit to us.”

Ricardo Negrão, Support Director, PLMJ

“We are very happy with our decision to implement the Swivel authentication solution, which has helped us to cut costs. The mobile app solution is user friendly and has given us the flexibility we needed to offer for secure remote access. The level of service and support that we receive from the team is excellent.”

Manjit Singh Saroya, Leicestershire County Council

“The worry of employees losing their tokens often meant a loss of money that has been invested. With PINsafe if an employee retires or leaves the company the license can be transferred, which is a much more cost effective solution for us. Swivel is just an easier option all round, for both the employee and the IT department. We are so impressed with the Swivel system we will probably increase its use within the Tax and Customs Departments over time.”

Pedro Pereira, IT Security Officer/ D.G.I.T.A, Portuguese Ministry of Finance

“We were looking for a proven, tokenless security platform which is quick and easy to implement. The speed of the connection once the VPN connection has been established is excellent, allowing everyone to work remotely to a previously impossible standard. The Swivel authentication platform and PINsafe protocol offers a cost effective tokenless solution which fulfilled all of our needs and has made our lives that little bit easier.”

Philippe Thirroueiz, IT Manager of Rockall Technologies

“The Swivel solution was a great option for us. Its free student licences caught our attention initially and when we reviewed the solution further we were impressed by its range of deployment options and the wide availability of the mobile application. The scalability and flexibility of the Swivel platform is ideal for any organisation looking to accommodate remote users.”

Patrick Oberli, Network Engineer, Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil

“We implemented the Swivel authentication platform in January 2013 with 450 licenses and will soon be expanding to 500 licenses. Swivel is a flexible solution which has been simple and easy to integrate into our existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition from our previous supplier. We have also been impressed with the support received from the technical team at Swivel, for whom nothing has been too much trouble.”

Dean Kelley, Network Support Analyst, Macfarlanes