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Flexible licensing plans and pricing models
suitable for all organisations. Licensing is charged
on a per named user basis.

User Licensing

Flexible licensing plans and pricing models suitable ​for all organisations. ​

  • Licenses for AuthControl Sentry® are per named user ​
  • Each license is inclusive of ALL authentication factors​
  • MFA, SSO & RBA are including in AuthControl Sentry®
  • Available as 1, 3, 5 or 7 year contracts with perpetual terms​


A perpetual license is available for on-premise solutions, or those hosted in a private cloud. Pricing is per user, on a sliding scale, starting from just 10 users. Pricing is cumulative, therefore it is an extremely cost effective way to buy a volume of licenses, rather than a staggered model. Ideally suited to organisations that want to CAPEX the cost of a service upfront, and with stable user numbers.


Subscription licensing is available for Cloud deployments, and allows organisations to flex their user requirements as demand changes. No upfront costs and with a flexible and penalty free contract and termination. Ideally suited to organisations that want to OPEX the cost of a service, and with variable user numbers.

Licensing options

Use the table below to compare options for on-premise and cloud licensing.

Type of License On-PremiseCloud
Risk-based Authentication
On-Premise & Cloud Applications
All Authentication Factors
AD Agent & AD Sync
Unified Portal with Single sign-on
User Portal / Self Service
Appliance (Physical / Virtual)
Amazon AWS Image

Have a question?

Please see some frequently asked questions below


Are users limited to one Authentication Factor?

Organisations hold the control over which factors can be used, our license allows all methods at no extra cost.


Do appliances cost extra?

There is a cost for the appliance, physical or virtual and a recurring maintenance charge.

What is not included?

Our pricing includes all options within a given product, with the exceptions of:

The purchase price for a Physical token, SMS delivery & Voice call (billed by your network provider)

Do you have any specific educational licensing offering?

When a University purchases licenses for faculty, and signs up to the annual maintenance agreements, Swivel Secure will provide University wide student licenses for free* ensuring network security to both staff and student data no matter where or how the network is accessed.

What is the cost per user?

The Swivel licenses are based on a sliding scale dependent on the number of users – the higher the number the lower the per-seat cost. Contact us for a quote.