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Welcome to the Spring edition of
Swivel Secure’s newsletter!

We thought this would be the most efficient way to keep you up-to-date on all the interesting developments at Swivel Secure. We have been working tirelessly to improve our offering by expanding our content and tools, to drive awareness of our award winning multi-factor authentication solution AuthControl Sentry®. We believe that our patented PINsafe® technology, behind our solution AuthControl Sentry®, provides unparalleled security to users authenticating access to a wide range of applications.

We hope a regular newsletter will inspire you to explain how AuthControl Sentry® can meet the security challenges facing Education, Healthcare, Government, and Manufacturing sectors, and we will cover each of these in forthcoming editions. We will also be delving deeper into our extensive range of authentication factors, and explaining how each of their benefits can help to maximise adoption during deployment.

We also have some exciting developments with version 4.1 of AuthControl Sentry®, due for release imminently and we’d like you to be the first to know about it. If you have any questions, please speak to your Swivel Secure representative.

Welcome new recruits: Swivel Secure is expanding

Swivel Secure is delighted to welcome the new additions to our team! Based in the Madrid and Lisbon offices, our new team members will be supporting customers with their authentication requirements.

Alex Rocha, Swivel Secure Worldwide Sales Director commented; “I am pleased to announce that with the beginning of our new fiscal year, the Board decided to allocate funding and additional resources towards our business strategy of ‘growth through the channel.’

The key to our success is our committed staff and valued partners. We view our partners as part of our extended team and with their dedicated services, we will continue to grow as an organisation and together we will achieve our objectives.”

Explore our new website:

As you may know, we have launched our new website to provide easier navigation for visitors and more engaging content such as:

  • Demo Videos, showing more technical content including risk-based authentication (RBA) in a more user-friendly and digestible way.
  • Our integrations page, where users can view how AuthControl Sentry® can integrate with hundreds of applications and appliance software through RADIUS, ADFS, SAML and our own proprietary API – AgentXML.
  • Alongside the integrations search there is a Google Maps function to enable visitors to find local partners to support them with their multi-factor authentication requirements.

As a company we continue to develop and grow, and we’ll ensure our website stays update and informative. Explore our website today and please ensure you keep us up-to-date with any changes to your contact details.

Authenticating access to Office 365:

Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry® can integrate with hundreds of applications including Office 365, making it one of the most flexible solutions for protecting your business.

With our extensive range of authentication factors, you can achieve maximum user adoption during deployment. As well as utilising all the factors for authenticating to Office 365, users can also benefit from single sign-on functionality within the Unified Portal.

Single sign-on together with risk-based authentication, provides users with a frictionless solution for authenticating to Office 365, and all of the user’s applications without compromising security.

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Tips on securing your education network:

Education institutions need to make cybersecurity a priority, as classrooms become more digitally connected it could leave more points of entry open to unauthorised access.

Swivel Secure offers free licenses to all students!

When a university purchases licenses for staff and signs up to the annual maintenance agreements, under the Swivel Secure university licence*. Swivel Secure will provide university wide student licenses for free, ensuring network security to both staff and student data, no matter where or how the network is accessed.

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Award for Security Strings:

Security Strings are a Japanese value added distributor based in Tokyo, who are focused on authentication, they have been working with Swivel Secure since 2014, providing hosted authentication software, maintenance, service and support to enterprise clients across the region.

In recognition of their efforts with both customers and channel partners in Japan, we have awarded Security Strings “Partner of the year” for their dedication, hard work and passion.

Mike McKinzie, Swivel Secure Regional Director for North America & APAC, commends Security Strings on their award, “We are providing this award to Security Strings for their unwavering commitment to Swivel Secure. Their hard work, dedication and focus on client service sets the bar extremely high globally. We really commend them on their work on improving the cybersecurity posture of many of Japan’s commercial enterprises. Their partners and resellers recognise their commitment of excellence and we are proud to be partners with them.”

Coming soon! New release of AuthControl Sentry® 4.1

Swivel Secure enhances both functionality and security of AuthControl Sentry® with our latest release of ACS 4.1.

We strive for continuous improvement of our offering, and our latest version of ACS 4.1 brings a number of enhancements and fix’s, and adds some features that you asked for, we listened, and we hope you like the new functionality and the updated interface.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Customisable User Portal
  • AuthControl Sentry® can now be configured to utilise ALL TEN authentication factors
  • PICpad can now be used in the Unified Portal with single sign-on (SSO)

In the meantime, if you want to remind yourself of the 4.0.5 updates click here

Our egg search competition

We ran an egg search competition to encourage some of the website visitors to search through our new website. We would like to congratulate everyone that won an Amazon voucher.

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