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Healthcare Solutions

Swivel Secure protects thousands of NHS staff across the UK. See how you can apply our award-winning multi-factor authentication in your healthcare organisation.

Cybersecurity threats to the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is at risk from cyberattacks. Confidential patient data is being targeted at a huge cost to healthcare organisations. As online threats increase, hospitals need to increase their security budgets and IT specialists need to invest in the right security solutions for them and their staff.

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9 reasons healthcare is the biggest target for cyberattacks

The healthcare industry is at risk. Organisations are becoming increasingly susceptible to online attacks – threatening day-to-day work and compromising confidential patient data. Long, busy days mean healthcare staff don’t have the time and resources to educate themselves about online risks. The potential disruption caused by a complete overhaul in online security is just too big for a lot of organisations to even consider.

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How to secure confidential patient information without overhauling your working practises

Overcome the challenge of causing more harm than good when introducing new patient data security measures with staff friendly authentication software. Keep using your existing platforms and devices and remain GDPR compliant with a solution that integrates seamlessly.

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Healthcare Cybersecurity FAQs

At Swivel Secure we are proud to be able to offer a cost-effective multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform for the healthcare industry. Read answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs), often asked by our healthcare users. AuthControl Sentry®, the multi-factor authentication platform from Swivel Secure protects a wide range of applications including Office 365.

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Case study: Using Swivel Secure’s PINsafe® protocol to provide 2FA for Sanitas Health.

Find out why accessing all information stored on the corporate network has become a vital necessity for Sanitas, a leading health care provider in Spain. They required a solution that would not only guarantee strong security but also provide flexibility and ease of use. See why they chose to implement Swivel Secure’s patented PINsafe® technology to provide secure two-factor authentication (2FA).

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