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Government Solutions

Swivel Secure protects thousands of local government employees – see how you can apply our award-winning MFA in your local government environment.

Top Government Cyber Attacks

View the animation on the 7 biggest government cyberattacks in the past 7 years from malware attachments to password attacks, resulting in a significant financial burden to governments around the world.

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Cybersecurity Threats to Local Government

It’s thought that as many as 95% of successful online hacks come down to human error. Government hacks are calculated. They’re resourceful. People that target the government are often politically motivated and looking to steal specific information. Read our article on some of the issues and solutions surrounding cybersecurity in government.

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How to Secure Your Public data

Incoming GDPR poses an additional problem for IT staff at local councils, schools and other government authorities to roll out security measures to protect public data. This article addresses some of the issues with securing public data.

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Government Cybersecurity FAQs

At Swivel Secure we understand local government work to tight budgets and we are proud to be able to offer a cost-effective multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform. Read answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs), often asked by our government, local government and council users.

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