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Education Solutions

Swivel Secure protects Education facilities around the world. See how you can apply our award-winning
multi-factor authentication in your organisation to protect your students and research.

Infographic: Higher Education under threat to cyber attacks

As classrooms become more digitally connected, it leaves more points of entry open to unauthorised access. Take a look at our infographic to see the devices which pose the biggest risk and concern according to educators.

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Why Cybersecurity needs to be a priority for the Education sector

From local schools to world-renown Universities and Colleges, cybersecurity should be on the agenda for Education organisations of all sizes. Read about why the sector is a target for cybercrime, the common ways attacks are carried out, and get advice on how you can overcome typical challenges to better protect your network.

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Students sat in library students on their own laptops

Video: Tips for securing your education network

Andrew Donaldson, regional manager for Swivel Secure, and Adrian Jones, CEO, discuss how education facilities use their IT systems and networks. They looked at the common cyber challenges the industry faces and offer their advice for securing an education network.

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Education Cybersecurity Solution FAQs

At Swivel Secure we are proud to be able to offer a cost-effective
multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform for the education sector. Get answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs), often asked by our users. AuthControl Sentry®, the multi-factor authentication platform from Swivel Secure protects a wide range of applications including Office 365.

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Free student licenses

When an educational institution purchases licences for staff and signs up to the annual maintenance agreements, under the Swivel Secure education licence, Swivel Secure will provide student licenses for free, ensuring network security to both staff and student data, no matter where or how the network is accessed.

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Case study: Deploying a new tokenless 2FA system for a Further Education Institute

Find out how Sheffield College overcame its authentication needs from using a 2FA platform, to implementing AuthControl Sentry® with patented PINsafe® technology. AuthControl Sentry®, a multi-factor authentication platform was deployed to ensure their new remote access solution was secure and that only authorised users can access the college’s corporate network.

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Case study: AuthControl Sentry utilised to protect Tokyo Denki University (TDU)

Swivel Secure’s Academic discount reduces hurdles for the introduction of two-factor Authentication at Tokyo Denki University
in Japan. Security specialists at TDU considered a range of authentication solutions, but decided to implement Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry®, a multi-factor authentication solution for several reasons.

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