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Free student licenses!

Swivel Secure offer free licenses to all students!
This offer is only applicable when licenses are purchased for all faculty staff, along with an annual maintenance agreement.

Data and network security is a growing concern for the education sector.
Compliance with strict data protection regulations, demands from students to access the network from a range of different devices and applications and password reuse means that reliance on username and password alone is no longer an option.

Licensing for Educational facilities

The Swivel Secure education licensing option enables budget-conscious educational facilities to add an additional level of security to their network infrastructure without the need for extensive additional investment. No matter the size of your educational institution, know that your network and sensitive data are protected with Swivel Secure.

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Free student licenses(1)

When an educational institution purchases licenses for staff and signs up to the annual maintenance agreements, under the Swivel Secure education license, Swivel Secure will provide student licenses for free, ensuring network security to both staff and student data, no matter where or how the network is accessed.

Key Benefits include:
- Free student licenses
- User-Friendly Solution
- Risk-based Authentication (RBA) as standard
- Instant provision and de-provision of users
- Comprehensive support and service

(1) For the duration of the maintenance support agreement, the free student licenses are covered by the same level of support as the paid licenses.

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Multi-Factor tokenless authentication solution

The Swivel Secure authentication platform - AuthControl Sentry®, offers the broadest range of delivery options available on the market. Multi-factor authentication via SMS, Mobile App, and Telephony for high-risk/sensitive data environments and strong authentication through user-friendly image-based integration options for lower risk environments.

AuthControl Sentry® can be used to secure Cloud, Desktop, VPN, and Web applications and provides risk-based authentication as standard, ensuring each user is requested the appropriate level of authentication, whether they are accessing their application on-campus or studying at home.

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Requirement for free student licenses

To qualify for free student licenses, there are a few
requirements that need to be adhered to including:

1) All staff require a license

2) High Availability (HA) appliances are mandatory

3) Student licenses correspond with the length
of the maintenance support

4) Basic annual service required - annual health
check and yearly audit of staff licenses

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