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AuthControl Sentry®

Award winning AuthControl Sentry®
is one of the most secure multi-factor
authentication solutions available.

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Protecting identities
with intelligent authentication

With patented PINsafe® technology at the core delivering ultimate security,
and risk-based authentication as standard, AuthControl Sentry® provides
an intelligent solution which is both dynamic and cost-effective.


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AuthControl Sentry® Intelligent
Multi-factor Authentication

Deployed in over 52 countries and implemented in businesses including finance, government, healthcare, and manufacturing, AuthControl Sentry® provides organisations with the ideal multi-factor authentication platform, because it delivers an intelligent solution to prevent unauthorised access to applications and data.

AuthControl Sentry® has the flexibility to support a range of architectural requirements and the ability to ensure maximum adoption, with a range of authentication factors. With a choice of authentication options utilising the mobile app, or the latest in biometrics with the fingerprint reader, AuthControl Sentry® establishes itself as a leading solution in the cybersecurity space.

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What makes it different

  • Patented PINsafe® technology for ultimate security
  • Supports on-premise and cloud for changeable architecture
  • A single tenancy and single tiered cloud solution ensures optimised customisation
  • Risk-based authentication and single sign-on as standard
  • Integrates seamlessly with hundreds of applications
  • Ensures maximum adoption with an extensive range of authenticators


Utilising single sign-on means businesses can ensure their users work efficiently, without compromising security

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Risk-based authentication

Risk-based authentication (RBA)
to provide a dynamic response to application access requests, governed by an intelligent policy engine.

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The User Portal provides basic administration for users, saving on overheads associated with calls to helpdesks.

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Utilising patented PINsafe® technology, the AuthControl Sentry’s range of authentication …


Mobile phone authenticators

The mobile phone authenticators are available in an application: AuthControl …


Image authentication factors

The patented PINSafe® technology underpins the execution of the image …

AuthControl Sentry® Architecture

There are no restrictions with AuthControl Sentry®.  It’s designed to authenticate access to applications whether they’re hosted in the cloud or on-premise, and whether the user is a customer, an employee, or a supplier requesting access.

Deploy AuthControl Sentry® architecture for:

  • Specific stakeholders
  • Integrating with particular applications such as
    Office 365 or Palo Alto
  • A specific vertical market such as financial services

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2FA or MFA?

2FA and MFA are both methods of authenticating a user access to an application by confirming their identity. A user is only granted access after successfully presenting two (2FA) or more (MFA) pieces of evidence (factors), proving their identity to an authentication mechanism:

The definition for MFA is based on three principles or factors:

  • Knowledge (something the user and only the user knows),
  • Possession (something the user and only the user has) 2FA,
  • And inherence (something the user and only the user is) MFA,

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