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How secure are your enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems?

Industry 4.0 and the Cybersecurity Risks to the Future of Manufacturing

Despite being the third most targeted industry for a cyberattack, manufacturing is one of the least prepared. It’s thought that 91% of manufacturers are investing in digital technology, with 35% saying they are inhibited due to cybersecurity concerns.

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Infographic: The Rise of Smart Factories

View the cybersecurity risks that smart factories pose and the risk management that can be implemented to minimise any unauthorised access.

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7 Top Cybersecurity Tips for Manufacturers

Cybersecurity has become a government priority, but the manufacturing industry is falling behind the commercial business. Here are 7 top tips that can be utilised to help prevent unauthorised access.

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Manufacturing Cybersecurity FAQs

Read answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs), asked by manufacturers on protecting their business from cybercrime.

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