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Two factor authentication

Adaptive, Flexible, Scalable, Simple

Flexible 2FA

The Swivel authentication platform is flexible by design, enabling you to work more efficiently anywhere, anytime, and allowing you to scale network and application security to meet constantly evolving requirements.

Providing security for Cloud, Web, VPN and Desktop applications, the Swivel authentication platform offers the widest choice of two factor authentication options available on the market.  The Swivel platform supports tokenless and hardware tokens, delivering two factor authentication via SMS, Mobile App, OATH Tokens and Telephony, and strong authentication via integrated in-browser imagery.

We’re simplifying IT with our policy engine. User rules are defined, accounts are easily managed, and users are instantly given or denied access. It’s the only authentication platform you’ll need.

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Introducing Swivel Cloud

Swivel Cloud offers all the benefits of our award winning on premise multi-factor authentication solution just in the Cloud!

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Your security is our primary concern

Swivel is the two factor authentication platform of choice worldwide. From start-ups to major global enterprises, we provide cutting-edge IT security solutions in over 30 countries, and on every continent.

  • “We have always been pleased with the Swivel authentication solution and the great service and support that we receive from its team and Sapphire. The introduction of support for tokens gave us the flexibility we needed to offer service to our users, even when they had no mobile signal.”

    Steve Hodgson, ICT Technical Services Manager, Durham County Council
  • “We needed to ensure that our workforce was completely connected, wherever they were. There were a number of solutions on the market, but we needed one which would ensure both security and scalability as our needs evolved.”

    Tullow Oil’s Donal Higgins, Global Service Desk Manager
  • “We wanted a proven authentication solution that was simple to use by anyone in the organisation and that we could easily expand in the future in line with the growth of the company. Swivel gave us that and more,  without introducing a major cost into the mobile access equation.”

    Stephen Slater, RMT Director
  • “Ah, Swivel. There’s a product which does what it’s meant to and gives users and IT departments a simple life. If only all products were that good.”

    RMT Technology Support Engineer
  • “We are very happy with the Swivel authentication solution. The implementation process was managed efficiently over a two day period, with intuitive training that ensured minimum disruption to our users. The whole system has succeeded in meeting the needs of Sanitas for strong and flexible security.”

    Mayte Mompean, Technical Consultant, Sanitas

The only two factor authentication platform you’ll ever need.

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