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AuthControl® Cloud

We have designed Swivel Secure’s AuthControl® Cloud to provide enterprise customers with a cloud-based, centrally controlled and managed authentication solution.

AuthControl® Cloud

Cloud-based authentication capabilities for Large Enterprise Organisations. AuthControl® Cloud is a unique platform that controls the deployment, monitoring, access, management, licensing and logs for multiple Swivel Secure appliances on any global, enterprise-grade cloud platform. With AuthControl® Cloud we offer a true hybrid and seamless solution for the enterprise. Our platform manages authentication for infrastructure both On-Premises AND in the cloud.

Providing the ability to deploy multiple AuthControl Sentry® instances to departments, regions, countries, suppliers, partners and even customers in the Cloud and On-Premise.

What makes AuthControl Sentry® Multi-Factor Authentication different?

What makes AuthControl® Cloud different?

  • Ultimate license and token flexibility across On-Premise and the Cloud
  • Centrally managed distributed ACS instances in your network and in the Cloud
  • Award-winning multi-factor authentication with patented PINsafe® technology
  • Flexible authentication for all stakeholders, including customers, employees and suppliers

More on PINsafe®

AuthControl® Enterprise for Cloud Overview

License flexibility

Enterprise organisations can subscribe to AuthControl® Cloud, where licenses in use are calculated and billed monthly. License Manager allows simple and versatile management of a pool of licences, which can be allocated across managed AuthControl Sentry® instances – whether On-Premise, in the Cloud, or a mixture of both.

Licenses can be allocated, revoked and reallocated as needed within and across instances. Licenses are added to the Enterprise license pool to be managed centrally. The AuthControl® Enterprise and Cloud-based appliances communicate with Swivel Secure Licensing servers to allow management of the purchased licenses and subscriptions by the Enterprise organisations.

A dedicated instance: AuthControl® Cloud appliances

AuthControl® Cloud relies on the Enterprise Organisation deploying at least two AuthControl Sentry® appliances within a VMWare environment controlled and orchestrated with VMWare Vcentre Server.

These AuthControl Sentry® appliances can be stand-alone or HA pair and need to be purchased from Swivel Secure. Alternative virtual environments can be imported into AuthControl® Enterprise outside the VMware environment – for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

No individual licenses are required, as licenses will be allocated through AuthControl® Enterprise from the enterprise organisation license pool.

Architecture requirements

ACC Features and functionality

Secure, robust and modular platform.Provide centralised logging capabilities for
managed AuthControl Sentry® appliances.
Based on VMWare Virtual Appliance (virtualisation
agnostic in the future).
Provide centralised email alerting.
Accessed through Web Browser using Swivel Secure
AuthControl Sentry® technology.
Provide Centralised Reporting capability.
Can be customised and Branded for the Enterprise.Communicate over API and SSH to VMWare
environment, Swivel Appliances and Swivel
Licensing Server.
Used to Deploy and configure AuthControl Sentry®
Virtual appliances.
Provide Software management for managed
AuthControl Sentry® Appliances.
Provide Monitoring capabilities for the deployed/
managed AuthControl Sentry® appliances.
Ability to manage and distribute OATH tokens
across managed AuthControl Sentry® appliances.
Manage a pool of licences and tokens that can be
allocated, revoked and reallocated to different
AuthControl Sentry® appliances.

Managing AuthControl® Cloud

Instances The Instances Manager allows you to manage AuthControl® Cloud. You can create, edit and exclude instances and shut down, boot up, reboot or modify the configuration. Individual instance service checking allows you to check the status of a service's status and the ability to start, stop and restart services.

Dashboard and reporting

Our graphical user interface performs the visibility and management of the AuthControl Sentry® instances on our Cloud Platform. The primary dashboard provides easily digestible information regarding the status of instances, license distribution, active users, number of authentications and attempts. The reporting capability provides the ability to generate reports manually and on a set schedule (delivered via email) and allows exporting the data into CSV or Excel.

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