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Truly global

With millions of users globally and representation in 47 countries, Swivel Secure is a multinational company providing an intelligent multi-factor authentication solution to a wide range of business sectors.

Leader in innovation

The company holds over 20 global patents since its formation in 2001, with millions invested in R&D and product development. See our latest developments in our Blog.

Trusted by the best

Our security software is trusted by some of the world’s largest enterprises including major airlines, global logistics, mobile telecoms, governments, retailing, top law practices and banking and finance companies.

Award winning

Industry recognised solutions: most recents awards include SC Magazine Award Europe 2016 Winner – Best Multi-factor Solution and 2015 Cutting Edge Award in Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions from Cyber Defense magazine.

Adrian Jones - CEO

Adrian Jones, CEO, has nearly 30 years’ experience in the IT industry. As a serial entrepreneur he has worked in the Security, Ecommerce and Media sectors, building businesses through start-up, growth and exit phases. Prior to Swivel he ran his own company advising IT industry companies on their sales and marketing effectiveness, enabling business development via practical, strategic, tactical and operational advice. His channel expertise is recognised across the industry and his engineering background motivates his keen interest in usage of technology to realise shareholder value.

Alex Rocha - Worldwide Sales Director

Alex joined Swivel in 2007 and drives operations across all operations outside HQ. Prior to working with Swivel Secure, Alex held various positions in the Big Four including Director and Business Manager. Here he focused on consulting work, enabling clients to formulate and implement enterprise wide strategic initiatives. Alex also gained sales and consulting expertise at roles held at Novabase SGPS and Venture Technologies. Alex graduated with Degree in Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal and since entering the industry, he has won a number of awards, including the ICEP Award for Outstanding Professional in 2007 and the Enterprise Professional Services Salesperson of the Year in 2005. Key speaker in cybersecurity international events and member of cybersecurity working normative groups.

Mike McKinzie – Regional Director, US

Mike joined Swivel in 2015 and is responsible for partner and account management throughout North America and Asia Pacific. As a career long advocate for information security he obtained his CISSP in 2004 and is active with organizations such as ISSA, and Infragard. Mike’s professional experience spans almost 2 decades and across multiple facets of information security. He has held roles in consulting, served as an adjunct instructor at Cal State, Fullerton leading information security courses, a systems engineer with PGP, and a network security engineer in the casino and hospitality industry.

Ana Marques – Business Development Manager Central Europe

Ana joined Swivel Secure in 2013 as Inside Sales. A graduate in administration in her native Portugal, Ana was previously employed for 10 years as a Commercial Manager in a first-class chain of stores, this gave her both the knowledge and the capacity to build client relationships and ensure the needs of the customer were met.

Ana is currently responsible for customer relationships and loyalty as our Business Development Manager in Central Europe. Fluent in 4 languages, Ana has a great passion for challenges and increasing her knowledge, she supports and meets the needs of our existing customers as well as prospective ones.

Yenny Mendez - Business Development Manager LATAM

Yenny joined Swivel Secure in 2014 and has since been a Business Manager for LATAM in its entirety. Her career is distinguished by a deep knowledge in the banking, finance, microfinance and technology areas, adding more than 20 years of experience in these sectors occupying positions as Process Manager and VP of Technology and Entrepreneurial Architecture among other positions of her successful career. She currently collaborates strategically as Consultant and Director of Financial Accounting and as Director of Intelihand Services S.A.


Natalia Kalachigina - Business Development Manager Russia

Natalia joined Swivel in 2017 and works with customers and partners in Eastern Europe (Russia, Kazakhstan and etc). Before joining to Swivel Secure Team she have been worked as Business Development Manager in different Russian distributors more than 10 years (2 years as a business development manager of Swivel Secure in Russian VAD).

Contact Us

Swivel Secure USA

+1 949 480 3626 (Pacific Time)

Toll Free: 866.963.AUTH (2884)

Swivel Secure UK & Ireland
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  • HQ: +44 (0)1134 860 123
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