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Services & Support

To ensure organisations have access to technical support and the latest features, we offer Entry, Standard and Premium Levels of support for our authentication platform users. Professional services are also available for upgrading, deployment, migration and complex integration.

Maintenance Support

Swivel Secure provides Standard support for customers using AuthControl Sentry®. Premium support is available for organisations requiring additional support.

Entry Level Maintenance Agreement
Entry-level support provides organisations with 24/7 support.  Access to software upgrades, updates and bug fixes.

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Standard Maintenance Agreement
Support hours: 24/7. Swivel Secure offers 24hr support during working days as standard.

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Premium Maintenance Agreement
A true 24/7 service, the Premium Maintenance Agreement provides businesses with round-the-clock support. Ideal for Enterprise organisations requiring expert support immediately.*

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Already have a support agreement in place?

Customers who have purchased through a Swivel Secure Partner

Customers who have a contract through an accredited Swivel Secure Partner should contact the partner directly.

Swivel Secure Partners who wish to raise a support ticket

If you are an Accredited Partner and you wish to raise a ticket, please use the link below.

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Existing customers with a Premium Maintenance Agreement directly with Swivel Secure

As a customer with a Premium Maintenance Agreement, our team of security experts are here to help you 24/7.  The service agreement you received categorises issues in priority order P1 through to P4.  Swivel Secure uses all reasonable endeavours to resolve any notified P1 or P2 fault within one business day.

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Professional Services

Swivel Secure provides a range of Professional Services for organisations requiring additional or bespoke technical resources when deploying multi-factor authentication and ensuring compatibility with systems, connections and hardware. Whether you need complex integrations or additional development around your architecture, our security team of experts can ensure your applications, networks and data are protected from unauthorised access.

Need to upgrade your Swivel Secure appliance?

If your priority is to ensure you mitigate against any security vulnerabilities, it is imperative you are utilising the latest hardware and software. Swivel Secure recognises some of the issues that can occur during an upgrade and offer an upgrade service developed around ensuring there is minimal disruption to the service and your business.

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Have a highly complex network infrastructure requiring numerous integrations?

Our team of expert engineers work closely with your Technical Architects and Service Delivery teams to ensure that any design proposed is tailored to your network architecture. Ensuring that the design ticks all the right boxes and meets your organisational architectural and change control requirements is our main priority. This reduces the burden of responsibility on your IT team, so they can concentrate on their daily priorities.

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Need to integrate a new RADIUS or SAML device with no previous integration article to work against?

Swivel Secure’s AuthControl® Sentry integrates with hundreds of appliance software and applications through protocols SAML and RADIUS. Our team of software developers can be on hand to assess and develop any new integration that you require. Aside from new integrations, our software development team also facilitate new plugins and endeavours to continuously improve the software by responding to your valuable feedback and feature requests.

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AuthControl Sentry® integrations

Intelligent authentication for securing cloud
or on-premise architecture.

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*Terms and conditions apply. See Maintenance and Support summary for full terms and conditions.