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AuthControl VPN®

We have designed Swivel Secure’s AuthControl VPN® to provide enterprise customers with a cloud-based, centrally controlled and managed authentication solution.

What is AuthControl VPN®?

Simplified, unified, tokenless, and device-less authentication integration with any enterprise-grade VPN. Our solution deploys seamlessly on any fat client across all three big platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS). AuthControl VPN® provides a uniquely secure, single access point to Enterprise infrastructure and resources whether in the cloud or on-premise, or both – the only solution users need to connect securely. AuthControl VPN® is a newly-released, major feature of our intelligent, awardwinning, multi-factor authentication platform for enterprises – AuthControl Sentry®.

VPN Solution benefits

Easier and Faster:

  • Fastest deployable authentication solution for use with VPNs.
  • Simplify secure connection to your enterprise via VPN.
  • No application, no token required.
  • Connect seamlessly to infrastructure in the cloud and on-premise.
  • Reduce implementation time, and reduce support.
  • Reduce complexity for the user with the ability to securely copy the PIN on the Fat Client.

Unique Access Point:

  • Single point of access – Unify your authentication.
  • Merge with Desktop verification and Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • One log in, and you’re done.
  • Reduce user’s cognitive load.
  • Reduce support load.
  • Reduce administrative overhead.

User Licensing

Flexible licensing plans and pricing models suitable for all organisations.

  • Licenses for AuthControl Sentry® are per user
  • Each license is inclusive of ALL authentication factors PLUS AuthControl VPN®
  • MFA, SSO & RBA are including in AuthControl Sentry®
  • Available as 1, 3, 5 or 7 year contracts with perpetual terms

Service & Support

Maintenance Agreement
Support hours: A true 24/7 service. Ideal for enterprise organisations requiring expert support immediately.

Professional Services
Swivel Secure provides a range of Professional Services for organisations requiring additional or bespoke technical  resources when deploying multi-factor authentication and ensuring compatibility with systems, connections and hardware.


Core technology
PINsafe technology

PINsafe® is the patented technology behind the image authentication factors PINpad®, PICpad, and TURing. PINpad®, PICpad, and TURing are part of a range of authentication factors available with AuthControl Sentry®, the multifactor authentication solution designed to protect organisations from unauthorised access to their applications, networks and data.

AuthControl® Mobile:

AuthControl® Mobile provides users with three methods of authenticating including:

  • One-time code
  • PUSH notification
  • OATH soft token

SMS using PINsafe® technology is also available.

Biometrics: fingerprint

Fingerprint recognition is available for AuthControl® Credential Provider using the Windows 10 biometric framework and the NITGEN fingerprint access controller. Users can authenticate using the NITGEN fingerprint controller or their laptop.

AuthControl® Voice

By calling the user, AuthControl® Voice vocalises either a one-time code (OTC) or a PUSH notification (YES or NO) to authenticate access to applications. The OTC delivered vocally over the telephone is then typed into the window upon request.

Hardware Token

The hardware token provides users with a one-time code (OTC) so they can securely access their application. Every time the button on the hardware token is pressed, it provides a new code, ensuring unauthorised access is prevented.


A 10-digit code is presented in the form of a rectangular image in the user’s web browser. The user then takes from it the numbers represented by their pin. Example: If their pin is 1370, then they simply take the 1st, 3rd, 7th, and 10th character from the presented image.

Image factor: PICpad

PICpad is an authentication factor that transcends the usual options for language diversification of both employees and customers. Using the same principles as PINpad, PICpad displays symbols instead of numbers, providing a coherent meaning in multi-national environments.

Image factor: PINpad

A 10-digit code is presented in the form of a number grid in the user’s web browser. The user then simply clicks on the numbers that represent their PIN. Each image clicked then transmits a different OTC code to AuthControl Sentry® to authenticate the user.

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