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Swivel Secure Partners

Swivel Secure works closely with accredited partners to deliver our award-winning multi-factor authentication, which is currently deployed in over 54 countries.

Highly trained with the AuthControl Sentry® offering, our partners can provide recommendations
and guidance on how to implement our multi-factor authentication into your organisation’s architecture,
ensuring your business benefits from ultimate security with the patented PINsafe® protocol.

Become a partner

Swivel Secure is always keen to expand its partnership directory to ensure customers are continually supported with local, security expertise. Working closely together we can ensure customers receive the best product offering and support for their requirements, with the flexibility and diversity they need to choose the right solution for their business as it evolves. Find out how you can benefit from becoming a valued Swivel Secure partner.

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University Partner Registration

Swivel Secure are proud to launch our university to provide training where you can acquire skills and learn more about how our award-winning multi-factor authentication (MFA) can help protect organisations across a variety of enterprises including education, finance, government, healthcare, and manufacturing. Start training today, simply click the button below to fill in our form and register for our university!

University Partner Registration

Find a partner

Whether you are in Europe, Japan or North America, we can support your business wherever it is located. Find your nearest Swivel Secure partner using our map so you can start the process of protecting your organisation from cyber threats today.

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Deal registration

If you are an existing partner and wish to register your latest deal, please use the link below.

Deal registration
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Complete a case study survey

If you are an existing partner and wish to participate in our case study program, please click on the link below.

Case study

Partner Rewards Program

Team members at Partners can now apply to be enrolled in our Rewards Program. Please note that this is still in the testing phase, but you are welcome to enrol now.

Partner Rewards Program