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In-depth Information and Video Resources

We offer a wealth of resources. These include Whitepapers with helpful insights into the data security arena,
Data Sheets to help you learn more about our products and solutions, as well as videos to show our products,
integrations and authentication factors in action.

Find definitions for some of the common terms you’ll find around our website over on our glossary page.




Salesforce OTC Video

A demonstration video showing the one-time code (OTC) on the mobile app, authenticating access to Salesforce.

TURing Citrix NetScaler Video

A demonstration video showing the TURing image, authenticating access to Citrix NetScaler.

Office 365 PUSH Authentication Video

A demonstration video showing PUSH on the mobile app, authenticating access to Office 365.

PINPad Windows Authentication Video

A demonstration video showing Swivel Secure’s PINpad®, authenticating the user login to Windows Credential Provider (WCP).

Government Cyberattacks Video

A government security solutions video showing the 7 Biggest Government Cyberattacks in the last 7 years.

PINsafe® Demo Video

A demonstration video providing an overview of the patented PINsafe® technology and how it is utilised to provide ultimate security.

Risk-based Authentication Demo Video

A demonstration video providing a comprehensive overview of the Risk-based Authentication process, policies and calculations.

Single Sign-on Demo Video

A demonstration video provides a comprehensive overview of the Single Sign-on process and how it integrates with Risk-based Authentication.

Create a custom MFA chain

A demonstration video showing how easy it is to create a custom MFA chain using the RBA policy engine.

Tips for securing your education network

Andrew Donaldson, regional manager and Adrian Jones, CEO, discuss how education facilities use their IT systems and networks, looking at the common cyber challenges the industry faces and offering their advice for securing an education network.

More Videos

Watch more of our demonstration videos to see how easy it is to authenticate access to all of your applications.

Demo Videos

Articles & Updates

Secure users’ access whilst working at home!

Many organisations have had to enable most of their staff to work from home.
This upsurge in remote working has also driven a rise in cyberattacks.
As cyber threats increase, all organisations need to ensure they are protecting their systems against unauthorised access.

AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1.2

We are pleased to announce the release of AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1.2! Updates include: User Portal now has Japanese translation, helping to increase customisation and user management. Also, support has been added for our Push feature allowing users more control and easy, secure access using our Mobile App. Learn more about the release of AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1.2

7 Tips for managing a remote TEAM

Take your team’s productivity and efficiency to the next level.

AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1.1

We are happy to announce the release of AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1.1! Updates include the optimisation of our mobile app functionality and its relation with the high latency scenarios. There is an improvement in stability, a better interface, and user experience where users can have more control and a Resource Usage improvement. Learn more about the release of AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1.1

Three easy wins for deploying an independent multi-factor authentication solution in your organisation

With potentially hundreds of applications utilised within your organisation and some major providers now offering their own independent multi-factor authentication (MFA), processes can become fragmented and inefficiencies can start to instil complacency and reluctance to follow procedures. Read our article on how you could benefit from deploying an independent MFA solution.

AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1

We are excited to announce the release of AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1! Updates include a customisable interface, 10 authentication factors which can be configured as a Custom Chain, and PICpad – ideal for multinational companies wishing to set consistent authentication. Learn more about the release of AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1.

The potential hidden costs of deploying multi-factor authentication in your business

Protecting your business with an authentication solution requires considerable investment. Ensuring you have full visibility of both the initial and the ongoing costs is paramount. Read our article exploring ALL of the potential cost considerations.

Authentication Survey Question 7 - Please select which of these options are important to you in your choice of 2 factor authentication solution? 57% said ease of management or reporting, 62% said token options such as physical, mobile or online interactive. 64% considered cost per user important, 73% selected user experience and 53% said deployment options, with 12% looking at length of contract.

Securing the Cloud: The future of Authentication – Survey Results

What are the role and future of   Multi-Factor Authentication as cloud networks and apps become more prominent? We asked IT pros for their experience.

6 Things that may surprise you about some multi-factor authentication solutions

Do your research before investing in a multi-factor authentication solution. Here are 6 elements that you should consider when choosing the right platform.

Passwords: the Weak Link in Digital Security

This white paper looks at the myths around strong passwords and the risk they pose to both service providers and their end-users who rely upon them.

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