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Swivel Secure in the News and Press

Swivel Secure’s tireless innovation at the forefront of IT security and authentication has been featured in many leading industry publications. See our latest press and news appearances below.

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Securing your SAP ERP application

Join our webinar with our Platinum Partner Sapphire to discover: The challenges SAP ERP users face and the benefits you can experience by using Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry®, to protect your organisation’s SAP ERP application.

Wed, Oct 21, 2020 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM BST

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Finance Derivative

The September deadline for SCA compliance is fast approaching. Read our article to find out some of the key areas of the policy to know and learn about the ways you can prepare your business for the new EU regulations without disrupting the customer experience.

IT Security Guru

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provider, Swivel Secure, has announced the launch of its new AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1. For more information about the Swivel Secure AuthControl Sentry® Version 4.1, please visit here.

Swivel Secure awarded at the Computing Security Awards

Swivel Secure are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Identity and Access Management Solution of the Year at the Computing Security Awards 2019!

Well done to our hard-working team and a big thank you to all those who voted for us!

QA Education

Why cybersecurity needs to be a priority for the education sector
In this QA Education article, our CEO, Adrian Jones discusses, Why education is a target for cybercrime, the challenges the education sector is facing and top tips for securing your Education IT network.

Computing Security

In this Computing Security article, we discuss a major Cyber Security Breaches Survey of UK businesses and charities that aims to help organisations to understand the nature and significance of the cyber security threats that they NOW face.



Why cyber security in education is a battle worth fighting for
In this article, our CEO Adrian Jones explores how schools and universities can start taking revolutionary steps to protect their institutions from cyberattacks before it’s too late.

The FinTech Times

With the sharp rise in cybercrime, it is a growing concern that irrelevant of size, geography, or industry, businesses could be at risk, if they have not taken precautions to protect them. Read our article on the potential hidden costs of deploying multi-factor authentication in your business.

Digitalisation World

Digitalisation World covers the latest industry news and opinion articles from technology leaders in sectors like security and intelligent automation. The latest press release from Swivel Secure regarding the new partnership with BeSecure IT can be found in the latest edition of Digitalisation World.

Professional Security

Professional Security is one of the biggest security magazines in the UK. Swivel Secure’s recent article on Cybersecurity in education is featured in their latest issue.

Computing Security

Computing Security’s Editor has compiled a ‘top predictions’ list for 2019, see the article from page 14 here, with comments made by our CEO, Adrian Jones.

Computing Security

The article in Computing Security on Multi-factor authentication… in six takes
Deciding exactly which multi-factor authentication solution to implement within an organisation can be a daunting task.
Our CEO, Adrian Jones, provides some insights into the challenges of choosing the right multi-factor authentication solution.

ITProPortal - Government Bodies are at Risk Online


We provided another article to the ITProPortal readership, this time exploring the Cyber Security threats to Government Bodies and the importance of keeping the authentication process efficient and familiar to help adoption.

Technative Smart Factory Security Blog


Swivel Secure’s article on how prepared (and unprepared) the manufacturing industry is provided some vital statistics on cyberattacks in their Securing the Smart Factory: Understanding the Risks article for TechNative

Swivel Secure industry solutions

Blog & Solutions Hubs

Further information on our research and innovation can be found on our blog. For industry-specific articles please visit our industry solutions hub which covers cyber security threats and precautions for healthcare, manufacturing, government and more.

Computing Security

The article in Computing Security on tips for manufacturers can be found here. The tips include: using a jump host, applying single sign-on to access separate networks and utilising multi-factor authentication.


Info Security Buzz Government Data Risks

Information Security Buzz

Swivel Secure appeared a second time in Information Security Buzz article detailing the top risks to government cyber security. We identified common day to day threats online and provided steps to make sure government organisations are kept safe.

PCR How to protect your business during a cyber attack

PCR Magazine

Advice on what to do if your technology infrastructure has been breached by our CEO was featured in PCR’s Sector Spotlight on Security, which covers the latest industry news, opinion articles and interviews from retailers, resellers and vendors.

SC Magazine Protecting your business during a cyber attack

SC Magazine

SC Magazine is one of the leading resources for cyber-security professionals in the UK and Europe on IT security and data protection. Swivel Secure’s CEO contributed some key precautions for protecting your business during a cyber-attack.

TEISS 6 things that may surprise you about multi factor authentication

TEISS, an offshoot of the annual TEISS cyber security conference, provided their online audience with 6 things to investigate when comparing multi-factor authentication solutions including the threat of a man in the middle attack.

IT Pro Portal - Nine reasons healthcare is the biggest cyberattack target


View our report on healthcare networks and data being the biggest cyberattack target in ITProPortal, one of the UK’s leading and most respected technology information resources for B2B technology business owners to get informed on the most important stories and trends.

Information Security Buzz

We shared the results of our Multi-Factor Authentication survey with Information Security Buzz, which provides the best in breaking news for the information security community including the latest threat trends, insights and practical solutions.

BQ Live How to protect your business from online threats

Business Quarter

Our CEO, Adrian Jones, provided insights on common day-to-day threats to businesses of any size online, and what you need to do to make sure your company is kept safe for Business Quarter, a well-regarded entrepreneurial publication.

TechRadar Government Cybersecurity Risks


Swivel Secure provided 68 million readers of TechRadar with the threats faced by Government bodies from cybercriminals. Information on types of attack, risks from hotdesking and techniques used to protect data and information were all covered.