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AuthControl® Enterprise Architecture Requirements

Requirements and configurations to consider
before deploying AuthControl® Enterprise.

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To ensure optimum performance, AuthControl® Enterprise requires some specific
configurations and specifications including distribution formats,
supported VMware including certain license requirements.
See the information below for more detailed information.

Distribution Formats

Your virtual appliance is distributed as 4 OVA files for VMWare:

  2. BASEACS.ova – Single v4 instance template
  3. BASEACSHAPRI.ova – HA Primary v4.x instance template
  4. BASEACSHASEC.ova – HA Standby v4.x instance template

Supported VMware

AuthControl® Enterprise is compatible with the following VMware Platform products:

  1. VMware Server
  2. VMware ESX
  3. VMware ESXi
  4. vCenter Server Appliance*

*VMware vCenter is required