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AuthControl® Enterprise Architecture Requirements

Requirements and configurations to consider
before deploying AuthControl® Enterprise.

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To ensure optimum performance, AuthControl® Enterprise requires some specific
configurations and specifications including: distribution formats,
supported VMware including certain license requirements.
See the information below for more detailed information.

Distribution Formats

Your virtual appliance is distributed as 4 OVA files for VMWare:

  2. BASEACS.ova – Single v4 instance template
  3. BASEACSHAPRI.ova – HA Primary v4.x instance template
  4. BASEACSHASEC.ova – HA Standby v4.x instance template

Supported VMware

AuthControl® Enterprise is compatible with the following VMware Platform products:

  1. VMware Server
  2. VMware ESX
  3. VMware ESXi
  4. vCenter Server Appliance*

*VMware vCenter is required