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Integrating with
Kemp's Web Application Firewall

AuthControl Sentry® can integrate seamlessly with hundreds of applications including with Kemp technologies.

Integrating with Kemp


Kemp’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) integrates seamlessly with AuthControl Sentry®

Kemp can simplify how you optimise, analyse, and secure applications anywhere, and with AuthControl Sentry® risk-based authentication functionality, you can achieve maximum user adoption during deployment, making it one of the most flexible solutions for protecting your business.

Securely authenticate access with our range of authentication factors

Swivel Secure understands the challenges administrators face in deploying multi-factor authentication (MFA) within a large organisation. With a comprehensive range of authentication factors, AuthControl Sentry® can help deliver maximum adoption throughout the organisation.

Our patented PINsafe® technology, unique to AuthControl Sentry®, combines the use of registered PINs with random 10-digit security strings that are delivered through a range of authentication factors.

Our range of authentication factors includes:
– Image authentication: TURing, PINpad®, and PICpad
– Fingerprint
– Mobile app: OTC, PUSH, and OATH
– Voice
– Hardware token

With Risk-based authentication (RBA)

Risk-based authentication (RBA) is a dynamic feature of AuthControl Sentry®, designed to automatically request the appropriate level of authentication to access applications. Based on parameters set in the policy engine, RBA will request the appropriate level of authentication to access applications based on the user, their device and the application.

RBA enables you to set the appropriate risk required for an individual or group to access particular applications. Using a predefined set of parameters works for you and decides what level of authentication is required.

Parameters include:
– Group membership
– Application being accessed
– IP address
– Last authentication
– X509 Cert
– Device
– Physical location (GeoIP)
– Time / date / day

Kemp and AuthControl Sentry® provide maximum security without compromising user efficiency.

Together we are delivering efficiency and innovation by empowering customers to securely deliver applications, reverse proxy and WAF, by securing seamless authentication to devices and applications across today’s borderless network.




Example of integrating
with AuthControl Sentry®

This diagram on this page illustrates how AuthControl Sentry®
(with a range of factors) can integrate with Kemp to authenticate
users with Active Directory through a single or dual channel.

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