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Authentication factors

Utilising patented PINsafe® technology, the AuthControl Sentry’s range of authentication factors provide ultimate security and usability.

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A comprehensive range of authentication methods

Swivel Secure has developed AuthControl Sentry® to authenticate users’ access to applications utilising a wide range of methods – authentication factors.  Whether your organisation still requires traditional hardware tokens or stakeholders prefer to use mobile apps or biometrics (fingerprints), Swivel Secure can deliver an extensive range of authentication factors to optimise user adoptions during deployment.

Image authenticators

TURing, PINpad® and PICpad image authenticators are underpinned by the patented PINsafe® technology. Whether you are accessing an application internally, or through a VPN or VDI, our range of image authenticators provides a visual representation of the PINsafe® protocol for ultimate security.

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Mobile authenticators

AuthControl Mobile® is one of the most popular ways for organisations to authenticate access to applications because it utilises stakeholders' existing mobile phones, meaning there are no additional costs to the business. There is a range of mobile authenticators to choose from including the PUSH notification, the one-time code (OTC) option, and OATH within the mobile app, which operates in a similar way to the traditional hardware token.

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Mobile Authentication by AuthControl Sentry® Multi-Factor Authentication

Biometrics authenticators

Utilising one of the latest authentication factors - biometrics - users can authenticate using their fingerprint. Streamlining user logins and fingerprint authentication can be implemented by either using the NITGEN fingerprint access controller or by using an HP, Dell and Lenovo computer with fingerprint functionality.

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Bio-metric Authentication by AuthControl Sentry® Multi-Factor Authentication

Hardware token

The traditional way of utilising the hardware token to authenticate access to an application through a VPN is still an option with AuthControl Sentry®. This reliable way of authenticating is still a requirement for organisations that don't allow mobile phones on site.

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Hardware Token Authentication by AuthControl Sentry® Multi-Factor Authentication

AuthControl Voice

AuthControl Voice provides users with an extensive range of methods to authenticate including Voice. Providing auditory functionality for PUSH and one-time code (OTC), Voice enables users to authenticate when the use of mobile or a physical token may not be permitted.

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Voice Authentication by AuthControl Sentry® Multi-Factor Authentication

Promote maximum user adoption with
an extensive range of authentication factors

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