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Authentication factor: Biometrics fingerprint

AuthControl Sentry® delivers a full multi-factor authentication solution, providing users with the ability to authenticate securely using their fingerprint.

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Biometric authenticators

Biometrics are a convenient method of authenticating access to applications,
especially when users are busy and often accessing networks, applications and platforms remotely.

Biometric identifiers can be utilised as a part of the multi-factor authentication process to determine if the
user is who they say they are. The identifiers are distinctive and include characteristics such as the
friction ridges of an individual’s fingerprint.

Effortless fingerprint management

Fingerprint recognition is available for AuthControl Credential® Provider using the Windows 10 biometric framework and the NITGEN fingerprint access controller. Users can authenticate with their fingerprint on either device, using the NITGEN fingerprint controller and their laptop.

Advantages include:
- Streamlined user logins
- Expanding authentication factor capability
- Includes all of the popular laptop brands with fingerprint functionality

Removing the ability to authenticate utilising fingerprint is simple and can be achieved in minutes by removing fingerprints from attributes in User Administration.

Maximum Adoption

In addition to authenticating with biometrics, Swivel Secure offer an extensive range of authentication factors to authenticate access to applications. Administrators can select the authentication factors that are suitable for their organisation, to ensure maximum adoption throughout.

Authentication factors include:
- Mobile app: AuthControl Mobile®
- Fingerprint
- Image authenticators: TURing & PINpad®
- Voice
- Hardware token

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Secure your organisation using cutting edge fingerprint authentication

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