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Authentication factor: Voice

AuthControl Sentry provides users with an extensive range of methods to authenticate including Voice.  Providing auditory functionality for PUSH and one-time code (OTC), Voice enables users to authenticate when the use of mobile or a physical token may not be permitted.

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Authenticate using AuthControl Voice

AuthControl Voice provides users with an additional method of authenticating.
As there is nothing to buy, manage or provision, authenticating utilising
AuthControl Voice is an effortless yet secure approach for users to
authenticate access to all of their applications.

Effortless authentication

In addition to providing effortless authentication, AuthControl Voice works by utilising a voice applications program interface (API), providing users with the functionality to authenticate using voice.

By calling the user, AuthControl Voice vocalises either a one-time code (OTC) or a PUSH notification (YES or NO) to authenticate access to applications. The OTC delivered vocally over the telephone is then typed into the window upon request.

Voice Authentication by AuthControl Sentry® Multi-Factor Authentication

Maximum Adoption

In addition to biometrics, Swivel Secure offer an extensive range of authentication factors to securely access your applications. Administrators can select the factors that are suitable for their organisation to ensure maximum adoption throughout.

Authentication factors include:
- Mobile app: AuthControl Mobile®
- Fingerprint
- Image authenticators: TURing & PINpad®
- Voice
- Hardware token

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Protect your network with Authentication Codes delivered by Voice

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