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Mobile app-based deployment option offers increased speed for authentication.

Swivel Secure, a global leader in adaptive multi-factor authentication, has supplemented its market-leading range of deployment options with the launch of OneTouch, a new rapid authentication mobile app.

OneTouch enables businesses to leverage the increasing adoption of personal mobile devices in the workplace to deliver a digitally optimized two-factor authentication experience designed particularly for industries where fast access to business-critical data is essential.

The process of authenticating via OneTouch is up to 10 seconds faster than conventional token-based or SMS methods, making it ideally suited to time-sensitive environments commonly found in sectors like healthcare, law and retail. The application can be used to authenticate access to the full range of remote environments, including virtual private networks (VPNs), websites, corporate Clouds, and virtual desktops. In its most user-friendly configuration, authentication is granted with a single touch of the user’s device.

“Today’s mobile device users are hard to please; they’re easily frustrated by cumbersome processes,” says Chris Russell, CTO, Swivel Secure. “OneTouch delivers an optimized user experience that meets these users’ expectations for speed and convenience. Swivel is constantly evolving to fit the changing needs of our customers and the launch of OneTouch is no exception. While businesses modernize their IT for the mobile age the security of their networks is under greater threat than ever before; data breaches in 2014 broke all records and the momentum shows no sign of abating. OneTouch neatly addresses both of these concerns in a single, fast and versatile mobile app.”

Swivel’s OneTouch app is already deployed in a number of UK NHS trusts and global organizations, including a major European retailer.

The free-to-download mobile app is compatible with all mobile operating systems, including Windows. In addition, it can be integrated with any existing Swivel deployment, offering end-user organizations even more choice when it comes to their security.

Swivel Secure already offers the widest range of user deployment options available. The Swivel adaptive authentication platform offers the choice of mobile apps, SMS, and interactive voice response channels when full multi-factor authentication is required. Swivel customers can also opt to utilize PINsafe, Swivel’s unique, patented one-time-code extraction protocol. PINsafe combines the use of registered PINs with random ten-digit security strings that are sent to the user via mobile app, SMS, telephone, or web. The user combines the PIN with the string in order to work out their unique one-time access code. This protocol puts the user right at the heart of Swivel’s strong multi-factor authentication process.