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Are legacy UAG systems an Ideal replacement?
…or do they leave a black hole in your organisation’s security?

Organisations using legacy UAG platforms need to ask themselves if they are fully protected against unauthorised access. Some alternatives such as Direct Access might be the easiest alternative to deploy, but do they provide comprehensive security, or do they leave a black hole in the organisation’s defence against cyber threats?

Alternatives to UAG

Most users of Microsoft’s Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) now utilise legacy platforms to access their networks remotely including Palo Alto or F5 VPN.  However, some users have opted to use DirectAccess or Unified Remote Access, because it is based on Microsoft technology and is fully integrated into the operating system.  It also provides a familiar interface for the users as well as being easily configurable.

Authenticating the device and not the user

It is clear DirectAccess is an adequate alternative to UAG with easy deployment and integration, however, it does have its limitations.
For example, DirectAccess authenticates the device and not the user.

Finding a solution to prevent unauthorised access by authenticating the user

Whatever legacy platform is being utilised, whether it is DirectAccess or solutions for accessing the VPN including F5 or Palo Alto, multi-factor authentication should be utilised to authenticate the user.  AuthControl Sentry® was utilised by many organisations using UAG but it can also be integrated with all the legacy solutions with minimum configuration.

Benefits of AuthControl Sentry®

Whether the organisation is now using DirectAccess or another VPN provider as an alternative to UAG, the system should provide authentication for the user and not solely the device.  This is to protect anyone from accessing the network using the device.  In addition to preventing unauthorised access, AuthControl Sentry® provides the following benefits:

·        Authentication methods utilise patented PINsafe® technology for ultimate security

·        AuthControl Sentry® integrates with hundreds of applications and appliances

·        Providing an extensive range of authentication methods, AuthControl Sentry® is designed to help optimise user adoption during deployment

·        Features such as single sign-on and risk-based authentication are standard

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