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Configure up to TEN authentication factors to AuthControl Sentry®!

AuthControl Sentry® can now be configured to utilise
ALL TEN authentication factors including:

- AuthControl Mobile: OTC
- AuthControl Mobile: PUSH
- AuthControl Mobile: OATH
- Mobile: SMS
- Biometrics: fingerprint
- Voice
- Image authentication: PINpad
- Image authentication: PICpad
- Image authentication: TURing
- Hardware token.

More on the factors

Custom MFA chain

Utilise ANY or ALL* factors to authenticate access with the risk-based authentication policy engine. Whether you want to protect a specific application or create a rule for particular user groups, you can create a custom chain for all or any of the authentication factors listed above.

Watch the video to see how it works

User Portal: customise User Portal
with organisation's branding

The user portal can now be branded with corporate colours
and logos to enhance the interface, so it is in keeping
with the organisation's corporate ID.

Benefits include:
- Seamless experience with branded interface
- Ideal for all stakeholders including: employees,
customers and suppliers

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AuthControl Sentry® Multi-Factor Authentication by Swivel Secure

Authentication factor: PICpad

PICpad is incorporated into AuthControl Sentry 4.1 as standard.

Benefits include:
- Uses PINsafe® technology
- Ideal for multinational organisations who want to deploy an
intuitive and consistent authentication method throughout

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New Management Interface with mobile optimisation

AuthControl Sentry® 4.1 has a different look and feel with a clearer interface which is now optimised for mobile, ensuring administrators have full control wherever they are. Whatever mobile device is being utilised for monitoring or adjusting settings, AuthControl Sentry® adapts to the screen size, making it easier to navigate and modify the platform. The image of the Sentry Status window shows how the platform adapts to the screen size of the device, whether it's a laptop or a mobile device.

Release notes

To read all of the updates and fixes you can download the release notes. If you’d like to see more about
some of the product enhancements, read more information below. If you need help updating your
AuthControl Sentry® to version 4.1, please speak to your approved Swivel Secure partner.

Download release notes

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more information

If you don’t already have AuthControl Sentry® deployed as your authentication solution, contact us to find out how intuitive and flexible it is for both users and administrators.

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*Both PINpad and PICpad can’t be used in the same custom MFA chain