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Optimisation of mobile app!

AuthControl Sentry® 4.1.1 has had an update on the optimisation of our mobile app functionality and its relation to the high latency scenarios. We have had a Provisioning and deprovision flow review and improvement, mitigating the automatic deprovision. There is an improvement in stability, a better interface, and user experience where users can have more control and a Resource Usage improvement.

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User Portal

The user portal has undergone a major change for this release. The main change is in the number of authentication options available. Additionally, it is now easier for administrators to maintain the user portal without the need to edit the settings file directly.

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Release notes

To read all of the updates and fixes you can download the release notes. If you’d like to see more about
some of the product enhancements, read more information below. If you need help updating your
AuthControl Sentry® to version 4.1.1, please speak to your approved Swivel Secure partner.

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