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London, UK 13th December 2021.
We are delighted to announce that Swivel Secure has won two awards and been named as the best Cloud-delivered Security Solution Of The Year and the Best SME Security Solution Of The Year solution at this month’s annual Computing Security Awards 2021 ceremony in London.

The CSA is recognised as one of the leading awards for information technology security professionals and products, acknowledging solutions, services and professionals that defend against the constantly shifting threat landscape in today’s marketplace.

This double win is an amazing accomplishment and comes as an acknowledgment for the outstanding work of Swivel’s team and trustworthy relationship with our clients and partners.

Swivel as the best Cloud-delivered Security Solution

The Swivel Secure multi-factor authentication solution, based on a challenge-response system, allows companies to take back control of security and protect their on-premise and Cloud based systems by implementing intelligent, adaptive, risk-based and user-centric authentication.

AuthControl Sentry® is available as a single tenant, single tired Cloud service, solving business challenges irrespective of the size of your organisation. With dedicated cloud hosting services, businesses can get their own dedicated servers and unlimited capacity and resources, offering complete control over your data and applications. Swivel Secure also offers deployment on a shared cloud hosting meaning multiple users sharing the same server and the same resources or in a public/multi cloud is based on the popular definition of cloud computing. It provides external computing resources, applications and services. Multi-tenancy is synonymous with the term “public cloud”, as the resources used are shared by multiple organizations.

AuthControl Sentry®gives you the option to deploy data on-premise or cloud based. You have the option to choose a multi, dedicated or shared cloud based solution. Make sure your data is safe while stored in the cloud, with both cloud data security and an MFA solution as one of your priorities. Using a Safe cloud with more levels of security as an MFA solution, starts with the way your employees and users get access to applications and data.

Swivel Secure’s Solution for Small and Medium-size Businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are the new big target for cyber attacks. SMEs see themselves confronted with a large variety of cyber threats. According to the survey conducted by SMEC, one of the top cyber threats for SMEs is broken authentication and session management.

CSA recognised Swivel’s Solution to be the most optimal one for SMEs, offering an authentication platform that is already acknowledged as a leading standard in authentication technology and is the solution of choice for prominent global organisations.

We look forward to continued and new successes in 2022 and beyond!

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