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We believe strong authentication is your first and most effective line of defence against threats to your organisation’s business productivity, reputation, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Our award-winning AuthControl Sentry® delivers an intelligent multi-factor authentication platform for enterprises.

While we have been serving enterprise clients globally since 2000, we continue to evolve our core products and solutions in order to continuously deal with and defeat the onslaught of cybersecurity attacks.

With our recent update to AuthControl Sentry® 4.2, we continue to meet the unique challenges across industries and various sizes of enterprises.

AuthControl Sentry® 4.2 offers a unique approach. Our solutions derive from a powerful combination of patented security technology and the creation of an intuitive user experience, which drastically reduces usability friction and vastly increases the adoption and continuous use of our technology by the end-user.

In addition to the usual optimisation and interface improvements, our ACS 4.2 release features a host of core improvements and features.

During the next few weeks, we will unpack our new features in detail in a series of articles, blogs and vlogs.

Below are a few highlights:

  • Push notification authentication can now be configured using a reverse proxy.
  • Database migration processes from older appliances are improved.
  • The database migration process from older MSSQL databases is improved.
  • Login sessions now sync via database.
  • IP addresses reserved for user VPN account can be sent via RADIUS and retrieved from AD.
  • Reporting now includes source IP and the authentication methods used.
  • Group display order is now consistent across all screens.
  • Self-management: users can now change their PIN with the account locked.
  • AD password management in the User Portal.
  • Account ‘claim code’ feature for users with no email or telephone in the repository.
  • Local applications can be defined in the SSO portal with our new Privileged Access Management (PAM) method/user known-credential storage.
  • Local applications can be defined in the SSO portal with our new P2AM method/user will never know credentials.
  • Web applications supporting OAUTH2 can be integrated in the SSO portal.
  • Web applications supporting OpenID can be integrated in the SSO portal.

Please note:

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If you are an Accredited Partner and you wish to raise a ticket, please use the link below.
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