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Because our ability to protect your users’ identities with intelligent authentication will form the cornerstone of your cybersecurity strategy.

Patented technology underpins our multi-factor authentication platform for enterprises.

So why do we think our patented technology (called PINsafe®) gives us – and you – a competitive advantage in the ongoing and ever-evolving cybersecurity battles which rage across the cyber-landscape every day?

The tech driving our authentication factors has been developed by us, is unique to us, and has been battle-tested for more than twenty years in the most extreme, real-world global implementations at enterprises, organisations and governmental departments.

You just can’t beat real-world, hard-earned experience gained in the trenches of cyber war.

Combine two decades of experience with our world-class team of security experts and developers, constantly improving our technology as threats evolve.

Add our SOC (Security Operations Centre) team providing 24/7 support and advice, and you have a First Line of Defence against any attack.
If you have a limited budget but you realise that cybersecurity should be a priority, then implementing AuthControlSentry® as your First Line of Defence would be an essential step to secure your users and infrastructure.

If you have a massive budget and you have implemented a multi-layered Defence-In-Depth security strategy, our AuthControlSentry® for Enterprises will allow you to have a world-class, independent multi-factor authentication platform which will form the First Line of Defence against malicious actors.

Don’t put all your cyber-security eggs in one basket. Implement

AuthControlSentry® as an independent, world-class MFA platform.

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