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Working in cyber-security is stressful. It demands long hours, unwavering commitment to high standards, & the pressure of being entrusted with other companies’ critical information can be immense. That’s why Swivel Secure has launched an internal wellness program to improve employees’ well-being by encouraging healthier habits and introducing stress-coping mechanisms.

According to the Swivel Secure Program Manager, Ketti Teles, the company is committed to ensuring a great working environment for its employees.
“We have staff worldwide, and most of them work from home. Other staff members work in a hybrid model, while others, like our Support team, come into our Ops Centre daily.

“This creates a fairly unique working environment and makes it challenging to monitor the wellness levels of each member.

“However, what we can do is try and create the very best working conditions – regardless of where our staff members work from. We’re starting slowly, with relevant information and putting tools in place to enable wellness, and then we hope to expand and become more proactive as the program gathers pace.”