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In today’s dynamic digital landscape, the need for robust cybersecurity solutions is paramount. Swivel Secure understands this need and is proud to unveil its latest integrated Citrix toolset, designed to seamlessly align with the newest Citrix ADC versions (formerly Netscaler). This groundbreaking integration will elevate the way organizations approach security and productivity.

AuthControl Sentry®: Your Gateway to Intelligent Multi-Factor Authentication

At the heart of this innovation is our cutting-edge Authentication Platform, AuthControl Sentry®. This platform doesn’t just offer security; it extends an additional layer of protection over your Citrix deployment. AuthControl Sentry® is not just an ordinary authentication solution; it’s an award-winning beacon of intelligent multi-factor authentication, tailor-made for enterprises.

What sets it apart is the integration of PINsafe® technology, ensuring the highest level of security. Furthermore, risk-based authentication brings a dynamic element, giving you unparalleled control over your organization’s security landscape.

Seamless Access, Enhanced Productivity

In a world where seamless access to critical applications and information is non-negotiable, Swivel Secure has you covered. Our integration with Citrix desktop and app virtualization solutions guarantees instant and consistent access for your employees, regardless of the device or network they use. This isn’t just about security; it’s about fostering  productivity.

Key features:

  1. On-Premise Focus: Swivel Secure positions itself specifically for on-premise deployments, offering organizations full control over their infrastructure.
  2. Broad Integration: Our solutions go beyond Citrix, ensuring that organizations receive comprehensive security coverage across various platforms and applications.
  3. User Experience: We prioritize user experience (UserX), making security measures user-friendly and efficient.
  4. Security Control: For organizations that value maintaining control over their infrastructure, Swivel Secure is the solution of choice.
  5. Core Competency: With a deep understanding of security needs, Swivel Secure excels in providing cutting-edge authentication solutions.

Mastering MFA with Citrix NetScaler

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a cornerstone of modern security. With Citrix NetScaler, you can implement MFA using two main methods:

  1. RADIUS Authentication: Configure a RADIUS server and Citrix NetScaler to authenticate users with MFA. This method provides robust security.
  2. SAML Authentication: Implement SAML authentication for MFA by configuring a SAML identity provider (IdP) and integrating it with Citrix NetScaler.

Once configured, users logging in will be required to provide two or more factors to verify their identity, depending on the MFA method you’ve chosen.

Best Practices for MFA

  • Select the Right MFA Method: Choose an MFA method that suits your organization’s security requirements and is user-friendly.
  • User Education: Ensure your users understand MFA and its importance, reducing errors and enhancing security.
  • Implement a Backup Plan: Prepare for contingencies, so users can still access their accounts if they lose their MFA device or face access issues.

Strengthening Security, Enhancing Confidence

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is no longer a luxury but a necessity for organizations of all sizes. It not only safeguards accounts from unauthorized access but also reduces the risk of data breaches, boosting user confidence. Citrix NetScaler, with its support for various MFA methods, simplifies the implementation of MFA for your organization.

At Swivel Secure, we understand that strong authentication should adapt to your needs. That’s why our platform offers flexibility, user-friendliness, and robust security in one package, making it the go-to solution for your organization’s security needs.