Swivel Secure has now launched AuthControl Sentry Version 4 .04

Posted: April 19th 2017

You’re unique and we believe that your cloud services should be too. That’s why we’ve created Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry™ to give your business the personal touch.

Swivel Secure’s award-winning authentication solution Authcontrol Sentry Version 4.0.4 has now launched! This version includes a Unified Authentication Portal, Single Sign on, Rick/Role Authentication and updated branding!

Do you want to ensure that your company’s security is at its premium?  Well, AuthControl Sentry Version 4.0.4 can make sure of this using the features listed below:

·      Adaptive Authentication

·      Unified Access Portal

·      Single-Sign-On

·      Pre-Configuration

·      Mobile app OATH authentication

·      Log Viewer Standalone Version

·      Windows Credential Provider

screen_1.jpg#asset:4599   screen_2.jpg#asset:4600

Do you want to know more about Swivel AuthControl Sentry Version 4.0.4? Visit our Swivel Secure Knowledgebase or website www.swivelsecure.com

If you would like to enquire about AuthControl Sentry Version 4.0.4 then please email your local contact via one of the emails below:

France - france@swivelsecure.com

Portugal - portugal@swivelsecure.com

Spain - espana@swivelsecure.com

UK - team@swivelsecure.com

USA – teamusa@swivelsecure.com


Kind Regards,

The Swivel Secure Team