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Swivel Secure Launches AuthControl Sentry Version 4.04

April 16, 2017 – UK, Swivel Secure, the makers of the award winning PINsafe technology launch Version 4.04 of their award winning Authentication Solution AuthControl Sentry.

Swivel Secure has millions of users globally and representation in 47 countries, Swivel Secure is a multinational company, with a broad portfolio of interests including Technology, Oil exploration, Bio-technology, Property, Manufacturing and Telecoms. Swivel Secure are one of the leaders in innovation with the company holding over 20 global patents since its formation in 2001, this includes millions invested in R&D and product development.

“Our partners are committed to adding value for their customers, and Swivel Secure solutions present a great opportunity for them to extend their expertise to address compliance requirements and implement security best practices.” Adrian Jones noted.

Swivel Secure believes that every company is unique and their cloud services should be too which is one of the main reasons AuthControl Sentry has been created. To give businesses a personal touch.

Swivel Secure’s award-winning authentication solution Authcontrol Sentry, version 4.04 includes a Unified Authentication Portal, Single Sign on, Rick/Role Authentication and updated branding!

The incredible features listed below are what helps Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry Version 4.04 to keep businesses security at its highest premium:

·      Adaptive Authentication

·      Unified Access Portal

·      Single-Sign-On

·      Pre-Configuration

·      Mobile app OATH authentication

·      Log Viewer Standalone Version

·      Windows Credential Provider

Do you want to know more about Swivel AuthControl Sentry Version 4.0.4?
Visit our Swivel Secure Knowledgebase
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