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Swivel Secure top UK Risk Based Authentication vendor in Cybersecurity Ventures

Swivel Secure was recently named as the top UK Risk Based Authentication vendor in Cybersecurity Ventures’ hot 500 cybersecurity companies list.

As reported by CRN, the report by Cybersecurity Ventures, a research and market intelligence firm, is the first edition of Cybersecurity500.  The report is dominated by California-based outfits, making this a valued recognition for Swivel secure.

Cybersecurity Ventures ranked vendors based on a range of factors, including feedback from CISOs and channel partners, media coverage as well as founder and management pedigree.

BT was the highest-ranked UK firm, at number 10, ClearSwift, a Data Loss Prevention company at 78, Abingdon based Sophos at 109 and Swivel Secure the top-placing UK Risk Based Authentication vendor, at 197.

In fact, there were only twelve other UK firms ranked in the top 500. These were;  Silo Breaker (217),  Acuity Risk Management (301), Acunetix (350), PortSwigger (354), Wandera (358), BAE Systems (370), Digital Shadows (422), Citicus (467), Protectimus (487), Mega AS (488), Avecto (492) and Boldon James (493).

According to Steve Morgan, the Founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures, “the purpose of the report is to create more awareness and recognition for the most innovative cybersecurity companies – ranging from the largest and most recognisable brands to VC-backed start-ups and emerging players.”

For more information about Cybersecurity Ventures and to read the their latest research, please visit

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