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Welcome to your Demo Hub

You should have already received your email
with your AuthControl Sentry® credentials,
consisting of your username and PIN.


Follow the steps below to start using the demo
platform within the Unified Portal.

Step One

The Unified Portal.

The first thing to do is to visit our Unified Portal. This is where you will be able to test the different authentication methods against some popular access technologies and applications. Our general term for these is “applications”.

As an example for these step-by-step instructions we will be choosing the F5 Networks application.

Step Two

Choose your application.

Choose the application you wish to test from the portal and click on the logo. You will be directed to the specific application to start your authentication.

Please Note: For each application you only require your username (see your email with your credentials) at the first screen. Some applications have a password field. Please ignore this at this time. This demonstration works with just your username and your OTC.

In the real world your username, password AND the OTC can be used for added security.

Step Three

Automatically redirected back to the Unified Portal

Enter your username and click logon – you will be directed back to the Unified Portal to continue the authentication for your chosen application using AuthControl Sentry®.

Step Four

Submit your username

Enter your username and click “submit”

The default Authentication Method is PINpad®.

Step Five

Choose your authentication factor

Choose which authentication method you would like to use from the available methods in the drop-down list.

Further information regarding the steps of each authentication method is listed below.

Select which authentication method you are using and further details will be provided, to assist you in authenticating access to your chosen application.

The Authentication Factors

Image Authenticator: PINpad®

Using the numbers from your PIN, click the corresponding numbers within the displayed PINpad®. It is just like using an ATM.

AuthControl Sentry® automatically works out your OTC for you. The numbers will appear in a different place each time you authenticate.

Image Authenticator: TURing

Using the numbers from your PIN, on the top row of numbers, find the letter on the bottom row of the TURing image displayed that matches the numbers in your PIN. This is the OTC you should enter in the OTC field followed by clicking “Login”.

Using this TURing image below as an example – if your PIN was 720645 the corresponding OTC would be XHGNYD.

If you are unsure how to use the Image Authenticators PINpad® or TURing, please look at Image Authenticators for information.

AuthControl Mobile® (Mobile App & PUSH)

To use Mobile App in this Demo, first you need to provision your mobile phone with the AuthControl Mobile® application – see item below.

  1. Once you have AuthControl Mobile® installed and provisioned you will have 99 OTC’s available.
  2. Your OTC is displayed when you open the AuthControl Mobile® application.
  3. In your browser, choose the Mobile App Authenticator from the drop down list which will display the screen below.
  4. Enter the OTC displayed into the OTC field in your browser and click submit. Just the first six digits are required – the trailing numbers are not required as part of your OTC.

How do I provision my mobile phone?
  1. Keep this web page open as your guide and visit the User Portal and enter your username then click “submit”.  If you receive an “Access Denied” error please check you have entered your username correctly – refer to the credentials on your email.
  2. Once in the User Portal select “Mobile Provisioning”.
  3. Select “Send Code Via e-mail” to receive an email with details of where to download the applications and the QR code required to automatically configure your mobile device.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to automatically provision your mobile phone.

Once you have completed provisioning, return to the section above to use see the information on using the mobile app – AuthControl Mobile®

  1. To use SMS in this Demo select the SMS Authenticator from the drop down list which will display the screen like the image below.
  2. Click “Get Message”. Your SMS should be received within one minute and will look like the image below.
  3. Enter the OTC into the OTC field in your browser and click “submit”.

If you do not receive your SMS, check you have included the country code in your registration details i.e. +44 for UK. Please contact our demo support team who will be able to assist.

  1. To use SWIVEL ONE TOUCH® in this Demo select the SWIVEL ONE TOUCH® Authenticator from the drop down list which will display the screen shown below.
  2. Select “Login” to send the PUSH message to your mobile phone. The screen (below)
    will be displayed whilst the message is being sent and waiting your response to the PUSH message.
  3. A PUSH message should be received on your mobile phone within a short period. It will look like the final image below.
  4. Click “Yes” to accept the authentication request.

NEW - Demo with custom MFA chains

We have added two different MFA “Custom chains” to the Unified Portal:
– One performing (3F) three factor
– One performing (4F) four factor

One option for users who don’t want to provision their mobiles to get the  mobile app (TURing, PINpad & SMS) and another for those that have provisioned so get a wider set of authentication factors (TURing,  AUTHControl Mobile – OTC, SMS, AuthControl Mobile – PUSH).

Click the link below to see the video on creating a custom MFA chain.

Watch the video

Need Help?

If you need help please read the information below

In the event that you encounter any issues first, try closing your browser and revisiting the Unified Portal.

If that is not successful in resolving your issue or you require further information please contact our demo support team

Resetting or changing your PIN
If you wish to reset or change your PIN to a specific number, please visit the User Portal.

Authenticating with your mobile phone
For additional information on using your mobile phone to authenticate please visit AuthControl Mobile® .