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    First NamePlease provide your first name so we can be polite when talking to you.

    Last NamePlease provide your last name so we know which family you are part of.

    Email AddressPlease provide your email address. This will only be used for comunicating with you and creating your demo account.
    It will never be shared outside of Swivel Secure and its partners.

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    Mobile NumberIf you want to test out our SMS authentication then please provide your mobile phone number. Again this will never be shared outside of Swivel Secure and its partners.


    Register for your free trial of the Unified Portal. Follow the steps below:

    Step one: Fill your details in using the form opposite

    Step two: Receive an email from

    Step three: Using the AuthControl Sentry® credentials provided to you in the email, log in to the Unified Portal.

    Step four: Using the credentials provided, try authenticating access to the different applications. You will be able to choose from a range of authentication factors.

    Please note: If you do not receive an email from, please check your junk folders and your quarantine folder (if you are using Office 365). If you are unable to locate your email, please contact us.