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Banking and Finance Solutions

From commercial and investment banking to accountancy and pensions, Swivel Secure protects a range of financial organisations against online threats. See how our award-winning multi-factor authentication can help defend your business from cyber breaches and comply with regulations.

Infographic: Emerging cybersecurity threats you should know

Cybercrime is becoming increasingly sophisticated as criminals come up with new ways to breach organisations to steal data or for financial gain. It’s no surprise that Banking and Finance is the most frequently targeted sector and as such organisations are the victim of ever evolving methods of cyberattack. Take a look at our infographic to learn more about the trends you should be aware of to protect your banking and finance business.

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Are you ready for Strong Customer Authentication?

The September deadline for SCA compliance is fast approaching. Find out some of the key areas of the policy to know and learn about the ways you can prepare your business for the new EU regulations without disrupting the customer experience.

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Banking and Finance Cybersecurity Solution FAQs

At Swivel Secure we're happy to offer an intelligent and dynamic Mult-Factor Authentication solution for banking and financial organisations. Get answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs), asked by our users. AuthControl Sentry®, the multi-factor authentication platform from Swivel Secure protects a wide number of features and can be integrated with your NetBanking architecture.

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