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Asociacion de Bancos de Mexico

Swivel Secure helps promote cyber security awareness in Banking sector

In conjunction with the ADBM, Swivel Secure wants to help promote cyber security awareness and best practices.

Swivel Secure’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) Solution, AuthControl Sentry®, is one of the most intelligent and dynamic solutions available and is an ideal solution for banking environments.  Whether authentication is required for employees or customers, AuthControl Sentry® is a dynamic and intelligent solution that can automatically provide the appropriate level of authentication.

Some of the benefits of implementing an MFA solution

  • Mitigates password risk
  • Immediate ROI
  • Reduces account take-over threats
  • Increases security posture
  • Intuitive for users
  • Preserves business functions and productivity
  • May help reduce ransomware exposure

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Swivel Secure offer Asociacion de Bancos de Mexico members a fantastic offer!

Swivel Secure is offering a promotional bundle for the attendees of the recent Seminario Virtual Internacional de Ciberseguridad 2020 – ABM event!

Swivel Secure’s special offer* to association members:

  • Free 25 user Swivel Secure starter bundle
  • 25% discount on all licensing and services.
  • Free 1 hour consultation with a cyber security engineer.

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*Terms & Conditions:
Professional services, and pursuant support and maintenance are not included. Discount and bundle applies to new business, purchaser must be a member of the Asociacion de Bancos de Mexico. Swivel Secure Ltd and/or Swivel Secure Inc. reserve the right to: amend, alter or revoke this offer at any time, with no forewarning or cost to Swivel Secure Ltd and/or Swivel Secure Inc.