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Entry Level Support and Maintenance

The entry-level support provides organisations with 8/5 support.  Access to software upgrades, updates and bug fixes.

Technical Support Summary

General Technical Support

A Swivel Secure entry-level support customer is entitled to access Swivel Secure’s Knowledge Base at any time of day or night. Customers can also contact Swivel Secure’s Support team to raise general enquiries with regard to the Licensed Software and to address faults within a Swivel Secure installation.

For general enquiries, customers should contact the partner who supplied the authentication solution for tailored support. Customers can also email and Swivel Secure will seek to provide an initial response within one Business Day any day of the week.

Reporting of Faults

Reporting and resolving faults with the Licensed Software is handled as follows.

The following fault classifications are used by Swivel Secure:

P1Service wide fault, affecting all users and all services.Swivel Secure service fails to start.
P2Fault affecting some services for all users or all service for some users.Integration with a VPN fails. Issue with AD integration deletes multiple accounts.
P3Fault affecting a small minority of users or affecting an ancillary service.Problems with a few accounts. Issues with logging etc.
P4General enquiry, cosmetic issue or feature requestRequest for new feature or change of wording.

Initial contact is made either through the Swivel Secure Support Portal which is accessible at or by email at In addition, for P1 and P2 faults, Customers must also call the Swivel Secure Support Desk at +44 (0)113 486 0111. (Additional numbers may be added at any time including global regional numbers).

To be able to use the Swivel Secure Support Portal an account is required. Customers can register on the support portal by clicking the “Register” button on the login page.

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide as much relevant information in the first instance in order to help Swivel Secure resolve the fault in a timely manner.

A receipt for the fault notification made, as required above, is sent via email by Swivel Secure within one hour. If such receipt email is not received within that time then Swivel Secure Support Desk should be contacted, by telephone
(+44 (0)113 486 0111) to confirm that the fault notification has been received.

Swivel Secure determines the priority classification of a notified fault.

Swivel Secure responds within 2 hours from receipt of the original fault notification by email or telephone as appropriate. The response will have confirmation of priority classification and a plan of action or relevant follow up questions.

Resolving Faults

An Entry Level Maintenance Agreement provides support cover between 09:00 and 17:30 (local Time) Monday to Friday for customers. Any faults reported outside of these times will be allocated to a Swivel Secure support engineer at the start of the next business day. Any P2, P3 or P4 faults will be worked on by Swivel Secure support engineers during the supported times. P1 faults reported within the contracted time will be worked on by Swivel Secure support engineers until resolution, even if this goes outside the 09:00-17:30 times.

Swivel Secure uses all reasonable endeavours to resolve any notified P1 or P2 fault within one Business Day, any notified P3 fault within five Business Days and any notified P4 fault within ten Business Days (unless development work is required for a feature request).

If the fault is caused by a defect in any element of the Licensed Software, then Swivel Secure uses all reasonable endeavours to issue a patch/upgrade to remedy the fault within the following timescales.

Patches are only issued by Swivel Secure for supported versions of Swivel Secure software. If a fault is reported in an unsupported version of Swivel Secure software, an upgrade to a supported version would be required. If the fault still remains after the upgrade, then a patch will be issued for the supported version.

Swivel Secure supports any software version for a period of a minimum of 24 months after the immediately following software version is released.

P1Emergency Patch within 48 Business Hours
P2Emergency Patch within 48 Business Hours
P3Patch/Upgrade within 5 Business Days
P4Feature request in line with software release cycles

Software Subscription Support

A premium maintenance agreement customer is entitled to the following:

Each in-version upgrade that occurs during the term of the subscription (that is, with a version number that is incremented to
the right of the decimal point, e.g. v3.8 to v3.9, v4.0 to v4.1).

Maintenance releases, patch fixes and error corrections are available for download from Swivel Secure’s website.

Access to related utilities and features, including change pin type applications and new integration options.

General Terms and Conditions

Maintenance and support are provided on Swivel Secure’s prevailing terms and conditions.

• Maintenance and support contracts are for a minimum 12-month term with payment in advance.
• If maintenance and support are terminated for any reason there is no refund of monies already paid.
• Swivel Secure is entitled to suspend provision of maintenance and/or support if the Customer is in payment default to either
Swivel Secure or its distributor or reseller.
• Such maintenance and support as is required by Customer must at all times be in respect of Customer’s maximum possible
total usage for the Licensed Software (and regardless of whether the Customer is in fact using its maximum possible total usage).
• Swivel Secure does not permit a reduction in the maximum total usage acquired by Customers and therefore it is not possible
at any time to reduce the maximum possible total usage.
• If the Customer does not renew maintenance and support in respect of Licensed Software with effect from immediately after the
end of the current term, it may subsequently renew maintenance and support in respect of the Licensed Software provided
that (i) a reinstatement fee is payable by Customer at Swivel Secure’s then prevailing rate and (ii) renewal will be backdated
to immediately after the end of the latest term and fees shall be calculated accordingly.
• Customer must provide Swivel Secure with access to its systems (including, without limitation, remote access) to enable
Swivel Secure to perform support.
• Should any notified fault be caused by an upgrade to a Customer system to which the Licensed Software integrates then
Swivel Secure shall use its reasonable endeavours to resolve the issue but cannot accept any responsibility if the fault cannot
be resolved.
• Swivel Secure will have no obligation to provide maintenance/support in respect of any fault caused by (a) the improper use
of the Licensed Software or (b) any alteration to the Licensed Software made without Swivel Secure’s approval.