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Swivel Secure Try and Buy

Swivel Secure offer a Try & Buy (TAB) program for approved customers to try our flexible solution which dynamically provides users with the appropriate level of authentication, making it an ideal solution for organisations of all sizes

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Swivel Secure’s Try & Buy

Try our award winning Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution, AuthControl Sentry® for a free 30 day trial period with our Try & Buy (TAB) program. Our TAB program is a process for approved customers to trial our dynamic authentication solution within their On-Premise or Cloud architecture, with Standard 24×7 Support provided for the duration of the trial. Our Try & Buy program will be implemented and configured as agreed with a Swivel Secure Solutions Engineer.

What makes our solution different?

  • Ultimate license and token flexibility
  • Centrally managed distributed AuthControl Sentry® instances in your network
  • Patented PINsafe® technology at our core for ultimate security and dynamic control
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) as standard
  • Flexible authentication methods available for all users, including customers, employees and suppliers.

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Swivel Secure TAB Terms.

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FAQs about Swivel Secure's Try and Buy

What is a Try and Buy (TAB)?

Swivel Secure’s TAB program is a tool that provides a process for approved customers to try our award winning MFA in their own networks for a 30 day trial period. Our TAB program comes with Standard 24×7 support provided for the duration of the trial period.

How does it work?

Any Swivel Secure Partner or Distributor who is able to access the Deal Registration process, providing potential Swivel Secure customers with an opportunity to try our products for a short period of time before buying them. Swivel Secure’s TAB program is a 30-day trial with an automatic invoice on the 31st day unless the TAB is cancelled within the 30 days

How is a TAB order placed?
  • We define the scope for a full deployment and produce a Statement of Work for the project.
  • We then agree the price and implementation date.
  • Customer/VAR/VAD sends us the signed PO, statement of work & a completed Try and Buy Order Form, which includes the agreement to Swivel Secure’s TAB process.
What if a customer decides to cancel the TAB during the Evaluation Period?

The customer must notify us in writing via within the 30 days Evaluation Period, then remove all Swivel Secure Limited (SSL) licenses from their system and cease using any SSL products or services.

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FAQs for our TAB program

Try our award winning MFA for free

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