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Image authenticators

The image authentication factors utilised by AuthControl Sentry® deliver unparalleled security to organisations protecting their systems from unauthorised access.

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About Image Authenticators

The patented PINSafe® technology underpins the execution of the image authenticators TURing, PINpad® and PICpad.
Exercising the security string protocol from PINsafe®, the versatile image authenticators are presented to the users
in their web browser, whether accessing an application through VPN, VDI or internally.

PINsafe® technology

When a user needs to securely authenticate, they’re sent a 10-digit security string - a random sequence of characters or numbers. The security string can be displayed as a graphic i.e. TURing, PINpad® or PICpad. By using a PIN as a positional indicator, a one-time code (OTC) for authentication can be extracted.

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Consistently secure authentication

Image authenticators are easy to use and manage across your entire organisation. Whether you are or an SMB or Enterprise organisation, image authentication is dynamic, intelligent and effective at keeping your applications safe from unauthorised access. PICpad is often a requirement of large enterprise organisations where stakeholders can be based in the USA, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East.

Image factor: TURing

A 10-digit code is presented in the form of a rectangular image in the user’s web browser. The user then takes from it the numbers represented by their password.

Example: If their password is 1370, then they simply take the 1st, 3rd, 7th, and 10th characters from the presented image.

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Image factor: PINpad®

A 10-digit code is presented in the form of a number grid in the user’s web browser. The user then simply clicks on the images that represent their PIN. Each image clicked then transmits a different OTC code to AuthControl Sentry® to authenticate the user.

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Image factor: PICpad

PICpad is an authentication factor that transcends the usual options for language diversification of both employees and customers.

Using the same principles as PINpad®, PICpad displays symbols instead of numbers, providing a coherent meaning in multi-national environments.

Extensive range of authentication factors

Swivel Secure provides a comprehensive range of authentication factors aimed at ensuring maximum adoption throughout the entire organisation.

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Risk-based authentication

Find out how the image factors can be utilised with risk-based authentication, providing users with options
to securely access their applications as part of the multi-factor authentication process.

Protect your organisation with image based authentication

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