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Demonstration videos

Watch the demonstration videos below
to see how easy it is to authenticate access
to all of your regular applications.

Effortlessly authenticate with
hundreds of integrations

With hundreds of software and hardware integrations, you can securely
access your regular apps using a range of authentication factors.
Click on the apps below to see how to authenticate access:

Authenticate into Salesforce using the one-time code (OTC)

Authenticating into Salesforce couldn’t be easier using the one-time code (OTC).
Watch the video to see how authenticating into Salesforce doesn’t have to result
in complex steps or tedious navigation to gain access securely. One-time codes
can also be sent via SMS or by using the mobile phone authentication app.

Watch the video

Authenticate into Office 365 using the mobile app

As Office 365 is the one of the primary application packages, it needs to be protected against unauthorised access without causing inefficiencies. Using the PUSH authentication in the mobile app is a quick and efficient way of accessing all of your Office applications.

Watch the video

Authenticate into NetScaler using the TURing image

Using the TURing image as an authentication factor allows users to authenticate access to NetScaler’s networking console and separate apps instantly. The TURing image is a 10-digit code presented in the form of a rectangular image.

Watch the video

Authenticate into Windows Credential Provider using PINpad®

When accessing the Windows Credential Provider (WCP), it is critical that user’s identities are authenticated to protect against unauthorised access. This example uses PINpad® which utilises Swivel Secure’s patented PINsafe® technology.

Watch the video

Authenticate access to F5 using the TURing image

Using the TURing image as an authentication factor allows users to authenticate access to the VPN through F5.  A 10-digit code is presented in the form of a rectangular image in the users web browser, and the user then takes from it a one-time code (OTC), by using the numbers represented by their PIN.

Watch the video

Creating a custom MFA chain

Using the risk-based authentication policy engine, create a custom MFA with all or any of the ten authentication factors available with AuthControl Sentry®.

Register to try setting up a custom MFA chain in the Unified Portal or watch the video to see how easy it is to create a custom MFA chain.

Watch the video

It’s all about PINsafe®

AuthControl Sentry® the multi-factor authentication platform that delivers optimum security for your hardware and software applications. What makes AuthControl Sentry® different, is the PINsafe® technology behind some of the widely favoured authenticators including PINpad®, TURing and PICpad.

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