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How to Access Office 365 using PUSH Authentication - Demonstration

Using PUSH authentication with Swivel One Touch®
on the mobile app is one of the effortless ways you can secure access to all of your regular applications

Authenticate access to Office 365
using Swivel One Touch®

Watch the video to see how to authenticate into Office 365
using PUSH authentication for Outlook, SharePoint, Access,
OneDrive, Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the mobile app.

Demonstration video showing the Swivel Secure’s PINpad®, authenticating the user login to Windows Credential Provider (WCP).

Demonstration video showing the one-time code (OTC) on the mobile app, authenticating access to Salesforce.

Demonstration video showing the TURing image, authenticating access to Citrix NetScaler.

Authenticate into Office 365 using the mobile app

As Office 365 is the one of the primary application packages, it needs to be protected against unauthorised access without causing inefficiencies. Using the PUSH authentication in the mobile app is a quick and efficient way of accessing all of your Office applications including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel web apps.

OneTouch PUSH Authentication

Choose to authenticate quickly and easily with our PUSH based option; a notification message appears on the users mobile asking them to accept or reject the authentication by the simple press of a button with no codes required, simple, fast and secure.

Multiple Platform Support

Our Mobile Authenticator App. supports all the mobile platforms, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.

Want to know more?

Swivel Secure supports hundreds of hardware and software integrations using authentication protocols such as SAML, RADIUS, and own custom XML-API. If you’d like to discuss how we integrate with a particular technology using one of our authentication factors please contact us. For more on our multi-factor authentication solution visit our product page.

Contact us for a personal demonstration

If you’d like a personal no-obligation demonstration we’d be happy to help.  Choose from our range of authentication factors and provide your contact details, and we’ll do the rest.

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