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PINpad® image authenticator

Authenticate access to Windows
Credential Provider using PINpad®
image authenticator.

Authenticate access to
Windows Credential Provider using PINpad®

Watch the video to see how to authenticate into Windows Credential Provider (WCP)
with the PINpad® image authenticator, using PINsafe® technology.


Authentication for Windows Credential Provider using PINpad®

When accessing the WCP it is critical user’s identities are authenticated, protecting against unauthorised access.  This example uses PINpad® which utilises Swivel Secure’s patented PINsafe® technology.


A 10-digit code is presented in the form of a number grid in the user’s web browser. The user then simply clicks on the images that represent their PIN. Each image clicked then transmits a different OTC code to AuthControl Sentry® to authenticate the user.

Strong authentication

Provides enhanced security, over username and password alone, by creating a dynamic credential, without deploying a two-factor authentication challenge.

Want to know more?

Swivel Secure supports hundreds of hardware and software integrations using authentication protocols such as SAML, RADIUS, and own custom XML-API. If you’d like to discuss how we integrate with a particular technology using one of our authentication factors please contact us.

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